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Unsafe drivers

Unsafe drivers. A Lock World van tailgating me then to rush pass me on to the on coming traffic lane just to get a red light same time as me. In Marin count. And yes I was going the speed limit. Their job must be so important to risk their own and others safety.

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6 reviews on Lock World

  1. Lock World Is Scammer.

    it took them 2 days to make a care key for me ,I had to take 2 days off from work and the worst part of it they never told me they can’t make a remote car key instead they gave me 2 regular key I could have them done under $100 and they charged me $500 the biggest ripoff place ….

  2. Bad Service.

    Not 24 hours ….am here at 1104 am nobody is here. If they lie about their hours imagine what other guns they sling.

  3. I guess big city living has you paranoid about doing business with people of color....

    I had a horrific experience with this company. My kid lost her key to her car, the service person came out to the car and made a key. She called me to give the service person my credit card to pay, which I was told by the manager they will not except credit cards over the phone.

    This is a AAA road service approved vendor. I was out; his instruction was to to go copy my DL and fax it to him on a Sunday..hmmm so my daughter could get her key. Perhaps if my kid was a different color this would not have happened, but it did!

  4. I lost my car's fancy smancy smart key.

    I lost my car’s fancy smancy smart key. Yikes! LockWorld wants $90 to program a new Toyota Prius key fob. The dealership only wants $60 (which I thought was pricey) … so Dealership $220 for key+$60 programming VS LockWorld $200+$90

  5. But to make a copy it is a very good price.

    pretty amazing how many different types of keys they can make, the even made one using the vin of my motorcycle because I lost my original, it was not cheap though. But to make a copy it is a very good price.

  6. I was in and out! I guess I was lucky.

    Lock World is a little pricey but still cheaper than going to a dealer for a duplicate key.

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San Francisco 94118 CA US
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Reported Loss :65 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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