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Acting on greed

Dr. Capaldini comes across as a compassionate doctor who really cares about her patients. I begin seeing her earlier this year after leaving my doctor of six years, and our first consultation went well. She spoke about her love of animals, and her desire to be connected to her patients. All good, right? Yep, until today.

Today, I was informed that Dr. Capaldini will be switching to a “concierge services” model, and will now be charging $1800 ($2000 if you can’t afford to hand it all over at once) for the privilege of being her patient. That is ON TOP of what she will be charging your insurance company. Her argument, on paper, is that this model pays more attention to preventative medicine, therefore it’s better. When I called her office to speak with someone about it, however, I was told the reason for the switch is that she has almost 2000 patients, and that it’s not sustainable for her to continue doing so. When I asked if she could perhaps just see fewer patients, I was met with silence.

The bottom line is, this doctor is ensuring that going forward, she only treats people with money. Considering the horrific state of healthcare in this country, I find it deplorable that she finds this an acceptable model. I’m disgusted that she is trying to put forth the notion that she is somehow doing something noble. She is not. She is acting on greed, and she should, as a friend pointed out to me, be publicly shamed as such.

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7 reviews on Lisa Capaldini

  1. Lisa Capaldini, MD Is Sccammer.

    impossible to get an appointment with this doctor without being a “signature patient”! Is it real good medicine to select the patients? Plus I heard a dog while I was calling her office, and it was not a service dog they told me. Is it really good hygiene?

  2. Just be informed & BE CAREFUL!

    When it comes to M.D.’s one has to be extremely careful. This person is going to be taking care of you for the duration & if you have an on-going illness or condition, well that just makes the whole thing that much more important.

    Lisa treated my Domestic Partner & I for many years before we jointly decided to leave the practice. Let me be Clear! She is not a bad Dr., she just seems to toe the line a little too close, from time to time, for my taste.

    She prescribed a well known wide-spectrum anti biotic, that she knew he was resistant to, for a condition my partner had. When we inquired with the Physician Assistant, she said Lisa’s a Witch Doctor & sometimes she does these things w/out making sense. My complaint is experimentation on my health, w/out my permission, is unacceptable.

  3. Maybe she'll remember at some point what matters in medicine...

    I have to agree with Tom G.’s review. She was my doctor for over 10 years. Dr. C. is still a great clinician, but over the years she seems to have lost what drew me to her in the first place. She is very bright but she did miss a couple of things in my personal medical issues that my new MD caught immediately.

    She has had a recent change over of staff which has made a big change in her practice. D and D who used to run the office were great and now when I call the office I have no connection to the staff and they don’t remember me as the former staff does. I now feel more like just another patient instead of truly welcomed as I used to.

  4. But unfortunately,

    At one time I would have agreed with other, positive reviews here. But unfortunately, I think her good reviews have made her arrogant and dishonest. I found this out firsthand when I had a question of general policy that could have (and should have) been answered by her staff over the phone.

    Dr. Capaldini’s receptionist said I’d have to come in for an appointment, which I did. Dr. C answered my question, I thanked her, and went away. Then she billed me for it! I thought that maybe her staff had made a mistake.

    But Dr. C defended it, then misremembered (or lied) about the event, saying that the charge was justified because she’d given me an “exam” — which was untrue. What a disappointment! I hope none of you existing patients even encounter this arrogant, capricious side of her. And those considering her should just look elsewhere.

  5. what ever happened to the doctrine to help people.

    I agree with many of the positive reviews concerning some of her treatment of chronic illnesses, but I also agree with the negative reviews. I was one of her very first patients when she first started her practice and have been with her ever since then. In the beginning she accepted Medical patients and started out kind and caring with lower income people.

    But as time progressed, I noticed she wanted to take on higher income people and would speed through my exams to get to the next patient. And then last year when when the new health plans went into action, she wouldn’t accept any of them for lower income people.

    She actually came off cold to me about it and didn’t even seem to care after all these years that I had to find another Doctor! It’s sad to see so many Doctors getting so greedy and money hungry…what ever happened to the doctrine to help people?

  6. just not a fan of the current staff. 🙁

    Lisa Capaldini is a FANTASTIC Doctor – I’ve been seeing her for over 10 years.
    Problem is her new office front-end staff needs lessons in bed-side manners – they’re awful.

    I seriously miss the other two gals, very pleasant, and remembered your voice by name and worked with you if insurance problems/complications came up.

  7. nice doctor.

    nice doctor. great bedside manner. nice with kids

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