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Very poor billing department

Medical company that advertises multiple health care solutions. Skin care, general health issues, Obstetricians, Sports medicine and doctors for various conditions!Very poor billing department.

They express one billing opportunity on an hourly basis, and bill for an exorbitant fee. Tried to contact their billing Department to discuss my concern as to their exorbitant bill and after two time of calling them they never returned my call to discuss th

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  1. LifeScape Premier Not Service Provide.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Pozun’s for. I made the 1.5 hour each way trip because she is an excellent doctor. Recently I received a call from their office for a routine Rx refill request saying I would have to make an appointment and come in if I needed a refill but that I could no longer see Dr. Pozun unless I became a “Concierge” patient to the tune of $3600.00 per but I could see a RN or PA.

    I said “no thanks, I’ll be sending for all my records once I find a new doctor.” It was very upsetting. This place would once have received 5 star rating but not anymore. Highly recommend finding your medical care somewhere else.

  2. The doctor at Lifescape!!

    would strongly advise anyone with a serious medical condition looking for a good doctor to NOT buy into the marketing material presented by this office. If you aren’t one of the “worried well” this isn’t the place for you. There is little ability to refer to specialists (not sure if they even knew any) and was constantly told to just go to the ER……what was the point in paying the $3500 I paid for the convenience fee. Waste of money!!

    There are many caring physicians in the valley (I’ve found an AMAZING PCP at Mayo) who will work with those with chronic illnesses and you will not be pressured to purchase supplements or be told that you must not care enough about your health to get better.

    Once I found the right doctors who did find answers I finally feel better, not cured but better, and I cared enough about my health to know there were more qualified physicians out there and I took the time to research my condition and find the right people……so who didn’t care enough about my health? The doctor at Lifescape!!

  3. It takes a long time to build trust and rapport with a new doctor and I now know how unimportant I am to this practice.

    I went to this practice for years and was very pleased with Dr. Valderhaug before she stopped seeing non-concierge patients. On her recommendation, I began seeing Dr. King. She was okay but now she has left the practice.

    I needed an appointment to review labs and for medication management, so they scheduled me with Dr. Pozun. When I had to change my appointment, they wanted to have me see a Physician’s Assistant that I’d had a bad experience with previously.

    I spoke with the office manager, who was sympathetic but basically told me that the doctors are moving toward the practice of concierge medicine since insurance companies pay next to nothing.

    This was the last straw for me. I work in public education and do not have the luxury of paying thousands of dollars so I can text a doctor or receive house calls. I just need medication management for minor health conditions and annual checkups. It takes a long time to build trust and rapport with a new doctor and I now know how unimportant I am to this practice.

  4. I wish I had better things to say.

    I wish I had better things to say. The nurses are awesome and the physicians are top notch. Too bad their front office staff is snotty, inappropriate, and all around needing more training in compassion and friendliness.

    Dr Sudekum was amazing and wish I could still visit her. Scratch that if each of the physicians, other than the owner of the practice, were at different practices I would visit each of them.

  5. LifeScape Premier is home to my new personal physician, Dr. Strohman.

    LifeScape Premier is home to my new personal physician, Dr. Strohman. I was recommended to this concierge medicine facility by my former employer, as I now have no health insurance since launching my own company. So I’m paying out of pocket now, but the value for what I’m paying is completly in line with my needs.

    Founded by top doc Dr. Susan Wilder (who is absolutely delightful), everything about this business is cutting edge; the business model, the technologies they employ, their “whole health” approach to vitality. The offices were actually designed by Disney Imagineers or something.

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