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Unprofessional. Unethical. Completely ridiculous.

I cannot speak for the vast majority of agents at Liberty; many of them may be very good. The agent I had the misfortune of dealing with was not.I went to look at a place in Union City. I told the realtor in question that I was 100% interested in taking the unit, and that I would send all relevant paperwork over the following day. I asked what the broker fee policy was, and he said that in his experience the tenant always pays. I left it at that.

The following day, I promptly sent over all necessary documents, as well as a request that the realtor simply ask the landlord if he/she would be willing to contribute towards the broker fee. At no point was the realtor asked to reduce his fee, nor was he told that this was a “deal-breaker” issue. All he was asked to do was check into something — not an unreasonable request. What I got back was a rude “this is what it is”.

Still, the realtor promised to bring my request to the landlord the following day. After 24 hours of zero communication from him (despite me reaching out numerous times in numerous ways), I finally heard back. I was told that the landlord was not willing to pay any of the broker fee, and moreover, that the realtor had gone ahead and offered the unit in question to other prospective tenants. He did this without offering me any notice or contact whatsoever.

I asked why I had not been contacted at all, why I was not given a response to my question, and why he had taken it upon himself to covertly offer the unit to someone else without the common professional courtesy of a simple communication. As I explained to him, all he had to do was say “I’m sorry, the landlord is not willing to pay any portion of the fee; are you still taking the unit?” Instead, he broke off communication, and dishonestly represented to the other prospective tenants that his fee was “being negotiated” (untrue). I was left without any contact for over 24 hours… whereupon I was finally notified of what he had done.

The take away? Certain agents at this place have the attitude of, “I get a month’s rent worth of your money ($2,500 in this case). I don’t have to do anything for it, and if you so much as mention it to me, I have the right to be offended and I will refuse to deal with you.”

Unprofessional. Unethical. Completely ridiculous. Realtors should treat customers and clients with honesty and respect; they should do at least the bare minimum to earn their fee from the client. Some people at this place don’t feel that way. They’re entitled to your money outright, and if you make a very modest request (“Can you please ask the landlord if he’d be willing to pay for a small percentage of the broker fee?”), you’ll be punished.

Take your business elsewhere. For the money you’re being asked to pay, you at least deserve respect. No guarantee you’ll get it here.

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  1. Liberty Realty is Scammer.

    The realty company is either ignoring the facts or hiding them. One of their agents, Julio Perez is an awful realtor. I had to deal with him and he didn’t even represent me properly.

    A realtor needs to take care of their clients whether buyer or seller. I was in dark and hoping he’d help me as a professional. During the transaction, he left me on my own and I had to simply rely on my attorney to guide me.

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Reported Loss :800 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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