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Loose a lot of money for nothing

Really these guys make a lot of money and are, in my opinion, border line to criminal. I was with them for more than 10 months regarding two collection agencies that hit my credit score very bad. I hired them in the hopes to resolve it as i have no clue why and what these were. Nothing absolutely nothing happened.

They have some automated setting for sending some standard mails out to these people and will email you what they have done on your behalf that is sending out “one size fits all” mails to who knows who. They were not able to prove me once that they received once a reply from anyone. They might also tell you that they have disputed it with the credit agencies. Do not believe that as they can not mail you a prove of it.

In my case after being frustrated I called and mailed all the creditors. It turned out that it was regarding a speeding ticket (5miles/h over the limit) related 5 years back where they had the wrong name and address of that person. The best part is that both collection agencies were after the same unresolved issue.

I have no clue why it shoed up related to my SS. Anyhow, I called the experian credit bureau, explained the situation and they immediately tool one down right there and disputed the other one and a week later both were gone and my credit score jumped 130 points up. It took me two days, 4 phone calls and two mail interaction to resolve this.

WOW! Based on my personal opinion, and experience I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT(!) TO GO TO LEXINGTON LAW! I believe you will loose a lot of money for nothing.

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  1. Lexington Law is Bad Service.

    This was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. The first month was alright, but this month they took out 250 dollars for a 50 dollar a month service that I cancelled when I called they had nothing in their records about it, I call my bank they give me the money back.

    I wake up this morning to another 117 dollars out of my account. And all in all I couldn’t get an answer about anything they actually did for me. Almost 500 dollars later I could have just paid the collectors and done more on my own.

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New York 10016 NY US
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Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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