“Leroy Johnson”. A prolific scam artist. This scum bag has scammed all of his friends, family and ex-fiancé.

This lump of lard STILL Claims to be a “Trader”.

Every month he’d produce fake statements to give to all of his victims of how their money was doing.

You’d be surprised the level he’d go to to suck money out of people.

THIS CRETIN IS A FRAUD!!! What ever you do, do not not give this guy a red cent.

He owes over a million pounds that he has no intentions of paying back and has run away to South Africa in an attempt to hide, leaving his family and friends subject to death threats. He was happy to scam his OWN Parents just to live his fake high life.

His parents have moved from their lovely home to a tiny flat to get away from the death threats and manage the financial damage he’s caused.

His brother was attacked at knife point because the cretin has run away and pissed off the wrong people.

He keeps telling people that his fiancé and sister are holding the money for him and they should go to them for it, that they’re the ones with access to the accounts. SCUM

He’s used his friends and family to scam people out of their pensions savings, house deposits, wedding funds, and made people remortgage their houses so he could get his scummy hands on that too.

He’s a pathological liar, and has continued his scamming ways in South Africa. He lives a pathetic and lonely existence. He has managed to destroy and sacrifice every relationship and even people’s lives just for money.

If you see this man, run for your life, he is the Devil reincarnated.

If you know his whereabouts in South Africa, contact us. He’s definitely still scamming, just probably under a different name.

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Reported Loss :1000000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : jsd45
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