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Disappointed with Missy their office manager

I have been a patient at this facility and I have been happy with their services. I referred my ex-wife to Holly and she and I are now disappointed with Missy their office manager. My ex went in for extensive and expensive work and was told by Missy’s assistant, in writing, that she could make three payments on the $12,000 procedure while we waited two weeks for porcelain crowns to come in.

After filing off all my ex’s front teeth Missy asked her how she would be paying the bill while we waited for the crowns to come in. After making the first payment on the spot my ex told her she would have to discuss with me regarding how we would make the additional two payments. Aware of the three payment agreement Missy started sending invoices to my ex.

We responded by telling Missy we would pay the balance when we came in to have the procedure done. Missy then demanded payment immediately. We then sent a check for full payment. When I complained to Missy about her disregarding her company’s offer to let us pay in three payments she denied that my ex was even offered a three payment plan.

She then called my ex and said “how dare you have Matt call me!” ” you should have given me a heads up” “my assistant did not have the authority to offer you three payments”. Additionally she said “we would not tolerate someone making payments on car repairs” (We own a collision repair facility) however we gladly let customers make any payments they want as long as payment is made when repairs are completed.

Missy was aggressive and rude to my ex who is now afraid to go back into the office for the procedure. This is not customer service. Missy’s behavior and attitude were unacceptable to us and I cannot recommend this dentist office because of this.

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3 reviews on Lerma Holly

  1. Lerma Holly, DDS- Pinnacle Peak Dental Care Is Scammer.

    I have been in treatment for over a now and only saw the dentist about 3 times. After about 8 months of not having the dentist evaluate my progress I had to ask when I would actually get to see the dentist. Several times I have had appointments booked and when I went in they said “oh, this is a pick up only appointment.”

    Or, “we were slow and everyone left for the day, so we will just give you your trays today.” Why didn’t they tell me when they scheduled it that I would only be picking up my latest invisilign or call me and say everyone left is there a better time for you to just pick up.

    I can pick it up on my lunch hour. I don’t need an appointment and to have to take off work to just pick up my trays. I’ve basically been having to manage my own treatment and no one there seems to think that is a problem.

  2. Music is blasting LOUD playing mostly rock.

    Music is blasting LOUD playing mostly rock. After many repeated request to lower the volume such that customers waiting to be seen can be productive on their phone/tablet or carry work conversation to make most of the time being productive, requests were repeatedly ignored. This has now forced us to look for another dentist. This is a reflection on the front office staff, not on the dentist.

  3. Dr Lerma and her staff are AMAZING,

    Dr Lerma and her staff are AMAZING, they really do care about their patients. I have had only perfection done on my teeth but most importantly I had to have an implant on my from tooth.

    Dr. Lerma works with great specialists and gets the smile to perfection. No one would know that I have a frontal implant, the color is unnoticeable! I have been so very blessed to have her as my dentist and her team is the finest!

East Pinnacle Peak Road 8900
Scottsdale 85255 AZ US
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Reported Loss :150 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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