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Lear Capital sells scam instead of Gold and Silver Bars

I was concerned about our economy and wanted to buy silver for security. I tried to check out for options and a friend recommended me Lear Capital.

I knew that our economy was not in a good shape and incase we get the silver, we would be able to save ourselves from a lot later. My friends also suggested me to do the same thing and introduced me to Gary, this is when the problem got started.

Gary was convincing and was great at changing minds of people. He educated me a lot about silvers and I was really impressed. He made me trust him through his knowledge about silvers.

That is how, he gains the trust of his customers. When I told him that I wanted to purchase rounds and bullion’s, he suggested that I should go for collectibles and their worth will be more in coming future.

He even offered me 8 for free and I was too excited to get the deal done. I paid him $17000. He made me believe that I had made the right decision until I discovered the fact that I was cheated. Later, I got the quarterly statement that specified my account value to be $8500. I was shocked to see the figure and thought that could be some typo.

However, to clear the confusion, I called Gary to check about the value. He did not pick up the call. I got worried and called their office. A lady answered the call. I asked her to recheck the account detail and let me know if there was anything wrong with the statement. She verified and told me that I was mistaken and the details were perfectly fine.

So, I kept trying Gary’s number and he did not answer for couple of weeks. I tried to search on internet and found out many complaints registered against the company. The problem is In many cases, they had not even shipped.

I was shocked to see the reviews of people who made online purchases. One review stated he did not get any confirmation number after making the payment and when he tried to contact Lear Capital, they did not fix the issue even after making promises.

It was also written that they gave him a wrong tracking number and later said that the item could not be shipped as there was some internal issue with the order. That guy is still trying for his refund.

That was the time I knew I was tricked. I tried to contact Gary from another number and he picked the call. When I wanted an explanation, he told me that the price was a meltdown price and I needed to find a client who is ready to buy those at the premium cost to make profit.

Is this how it works? Even if it does, I would have never bought silver from them. There are hell lot of options available and to get into a contract with a scammer would have been the last thing I would have considered to do. Lear Capital is a scam.

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2 reviews on Lear Capital Reviews

  1. Lear Capital a master piece scam

    Lear Capital is a scammer company. Avoid it, if you wish to save your money!

    They billed me $800 over the reasonable market price for a 1 ounce 1924 gold coin. I discovered about their scam almost after two years, when I was trying to sell my coins.

    Lear Capital had sold me the gold coin for $2,485 and after two years, when I tried to sell the same coin to them, they offered to pay $1,688. Although the gold coin’s price was much less than the price currently prevailing in the market.

    This undoubtedly made me think about the price I paid to them two years back. So, I consulted various local coins shops and they informed me that I paid around $800 over the market price for the coin from Lear Capital.

    I validated the price through the Heritage Auctions (biggest coin public auction website) and it had the same information as shared by the local shopkeepers.

    Lear Capital is a fraud company which has nothing to do with the business ethics and is always looking for scamming people innocent people out of their money.

  2. Lear Capital is terrible and have lots of problem to deal with

    LEAR CAPITAL is not that excellent as it asserts to be! Really this business is a pure problem as well as is not advised to any person!

    I utilized their solutions after I ordered from their site for silver Morgan coins for which I took a huge loan.
    After my order was made, I obtained a verification number however it was incorrect which I discovered later.

    I started getting dubious about the transaction when I did not receive my order as per the expected date. I called then and when the matter was not sorted, I spoke to the supervisor as well. He stated that he would certainly deal with the issue. However, I never ever obtained any billing as well as verification of the shipment as the supervisor assured.

    In addition, he provided me an alternate phone number to reach him directly. But, that phone never worked.
    After I called the firm once more, they again claimed that they had troubles with delivery and now lastly my order was delivered. However, I did not receive any confirmation email for the shipment. I attempted to track my order through the old tracking details. However, this firm provided me incorrect monitoring number and never cared to send me the right one, even after making so many companies.

    Well, my order never got to me. On top of that, this firm called me and stated that there had been some unidentified crash and my order returned back to the business.

    I asked them for a reimbursement. They guaranteed to reimburse my cash as per their reimbursement plan and said that the money will be transferred in 3 weeks. I did not even get my money back. I will soon be consulting my legal advisor and will make sure these goons get what they deserve.

    LEAR CAPITAL is the most awful business I have ever used. Their solution is terrible.

    I would advise you guys to stay away from these con artists. Or, they will rip you off as well.

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