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I met my husband Lawrence chinedu Uyaemesigo on a dating site we were married in 2013 after supporting him for 5 years  and  sending him money a total of $100,000 to find out that he was still married to his Nigerian wife named ifeoma chiamaka and has had two more children with his african  wife which they were never divorced. The African woman I was introduced as his cousin in 2013 and met her again in 2014 when she was pregnant  was actually his wife. She was also my witness at our wedding. I also found out that his african wife used the money I sent to him over the 5 years to live in luxury and put their children through private schools, purchasing his african wife a brand new highlander in Nigeria. Our marriage wasn’t real . Once he got his PR here he would have left  me and bring his African wife and children to Australia . I was warned by several people now that know him and his wife. His wife is scamming men also for money its their way of making money Lawrence doesn’t care that his african wife sleeps around as long as they scam innocent people that work hard for their money. They are also moving money in different accounts. So I have cancelled his partner visa as we were waiting for a decision . He also submitted to immigration fraudulent documents . He lied about his date of birth.

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8 reviews on Lawrence Chinedu Uyaemesigo . Ifeoma Chiamaka


    they both should be ashamed of themselves, their children will grow up to br scammer like their parents

  2. Nigerian Scammers

    I know this This Nigerian couple and they’ve been scamming innocent people for a long time. They’re criminal activities include him doing a Marriage Scam, both he and she do dating scams of multiple people at once. They also supply fraudulent documents to people who want them. They have been conning innocent white folks forever. I hope that many see this report and are warned enough to contact the Federal Police if they are approached by either of them. Be warned, they are dirty lying cheating scammers. What sort of example are the setting for the kids she keeps having!!

  3. Stupid scammers

    I live in da same village as dis couple chinedu Uyaemesigo and Ifeoma Chiamaka. Da wife is always pregant and makes her husband chinedu go out and look for money , she pushes him to go on dating sites or Facebook so he can meet women marry them for their money. They are always crying poor, but are fooling everybody. They have a business in da village he is scamming on the internet. Dis couple have a beautiful home for their children she wears expensive jewelry. All dis is with da money they have been scamming. Chinedu has been scamming for the last 10 years or more. He always begs for money and follows me everywhere in da village for me to sleep with him. Dis couple need to be stopped and charged by the Nigerian police. They are lazy and dont want to work because they earn money by scamming everyone.

  4. Pure evil

    I know chinedu and his wife Ifeoma Chiamaka since school days all i want to say to them both stop the scamming you will get caught one day. I met his wife mandy that he married she is a beautiful person with a heart of gold . She is the most caring person i have ever met. She really loved and cared for him and wanted to be with him , I spoke with Lawrence about Mandy and told him please brother let Mandy go If you don’t want her , she doesnt deserve the lies and for you to deceive her like this. I told Lawrence that God Will certainly punish you both for stealing and for being unfaithful. Mandy if you are reading this you will make someone else happy and God Will grant you the happeniess you deserve.

  5. Still scamming

    Thank you all for your messages. I do know the Lawrence chinedu u money has traveled to Kenya. Please anyone that approches him to call the police and please do not fall for his kindness he will try to marry some one else even though he has a Nigerian wife waiting for him in nigeria. He will take money of you and that is the last time you will see him.

  6. Leave Lawrence alone

    You meet your husband Lawrence Chinedu Uyaemesigo in date site and Lawrence invited Amanda Marscaro IN the UK which arrived at heathrow airport from Melbourne Australia he pick her up to Marriott hotel Bristol spend 2 night with him then Lawrence take Amanda to his house spend one month they Lawrence Buy rang worth 1300 pounds propose Amanda Marscaro for marry she accept Lawrence to marry her. …. LAWRENCE NOT A SCAM.

    when Amanda Marscaro want to fly back to Melbourne she said to Lawrence buy tick to go back in Nigeria then she follow Lawrence to Bristol Cite Center Lawrence buy fly tick with his own money to Nigeria. both agree to marry over in Nigeria they have the agreement to do that . the same day Lawrence do shopping for Amanda Children she have three kids Lawrence spend over 2500 pounds to buy clothe and other things for shopping and Amanda was tell Lawrence he spend lots of money he did it because loves Amanda with her kids. Lawrence give Amanda Marscaro some big cash but he not tell me how much he give her when she travel back from UK to Australia .

    After Lawrence fly back to Nigeria which no one believe he will back to Nigeria because OF Amanda Marscaro then she fly from Austarlai to Nigeria they get marry after 2yrs Amanda fly back to see his husband Lawrence that time both start have problem Amanda have sex with Lawrence friend Buch last she come, she dating Buch and Amanda know is Lawrence best from that where they start get problem. Lawrence is nice and trust man even both love each other. Buch is evil man he spoil Lawrence and Amanda marriage. now Lawrence leave Buch to Marry her.

    Lawrence friend is spoil everything he tell Amanda what DO now. Amanda leave Lawrence alone he not scam. thats all i can tell people here.

  7. Satan

    Mr Lawrence chinedu Uyaemesigo and da mother of his children Ifeoma chiamaka are evil people . She has been married before her former husband knows dat she has been scamming people for money. Everybody is talking about dis couple in da village about how cruel they are to have scammed someone for so much money. I met lawrence new wife when she came to nigeria. She was so nice i wish i could have married her . She has a polite nature and cared for Lawrence loved him . I want to say to Lawrence you lost a person dat really loved you. If I had someone like her I never let them go. Lawrence you stupid you had da oppuity to live with a good women not someone dat controls you and treats you like a niggar.

    1. PETER

      Lawrence is very nice man. .Amanda remember you are married with Lawrence. Many husband and wives have take that what you and Lawrence going through is FAMILY MATTER. After two of you will reconcile without our knowledge.when the good was good why not report it here then the journey has turn soar and you reported. You are Lawrence are legal married and Lawrence has spent over 100K pounds on you. Because you ask her for 50k pounds and he refuse and you turn around and start insulting your own legal husband. every family have problems when you broadcast yours,people will then know what you facing inside . Call your husband and apologize for this insult.

  8. Peter isn't your real name

    Peter isn’t you real name . Stop lying you know how much i loved Lawrence and would have done anything for him. To find out that his cousin was actually his wife makes me sick. I have all receipts of the money that i sent Lawrence. So mind your own business you don’t know anything. You must be another scammer like his wife / cousin what ever she is. And fred Johnson the one that wrote the review is Lawrence. I’m not a stupid Nigerian that let their husbands sleep with other women for money. They have no respect for anyone. They are not human to do this.

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