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They didn't have the right wetting solution for my contact lense

I finally decided to check out Lasik surgery and be rid of the contact lenses I have worn for over 40 years. After a half hour drive and leaving work 3 hours early for my appointment, I was told I would have to reschedule. Why? Because they didn’t have the right wetting solution for my contact lenses.

I was told the solution for the soft lenses would ruin my hard lenses. Isn’t it just saline? There are hard and soft lenses. I wear hard lenses and have for 40+ years. I was told by the finance/front desk person that most people bring their own solution. Really?

I have been to many eye doctors and have never been told to bring my own contact solution. No apology, no other option, just the excuse that hard lenses aren’t common so they don’t keep solution for them on hand, but when I come back, make sure and bring my own solution.

I filled out my patient information packet online two weeks ago, and clearly indicated that I wore hard, or gas permeable lenses. They could have given me a heads up. When I explained that I drove from Peoria to Scottsdale for my appointment,

I was told by the rep that she lived in Glendale and lucky me, now that my appointment was rescheduled traffic wouldnt be as bad on my way home.

As if her choice to drive there for work was the same as me choosing to drive there for a $4500 procedure. I will be choosing another Lasik provider. I do have a choice regarding where I spend my money after all.

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4 reviews on LasikPlus Vision Center

  1. LasikPlus Vision Center West Of Time.

    At the time of my exam, I asked – “Hey, is there anything I need to do pre-surgery”. I was told no, I would get a packet mailed to me that would give me all I needed to know for the day of surgery. Two days before the surgery, I get a call to confirm.

    “Sure, I’ll be there, by the way, I haven’t gotten the packet that I’ve requested twice now, so is there anything I need to do before surgery? Not wear my contacts? Pick up prescriptions?”. That’s when I was asked for my pharmacy number, that is when I was told I was not to be wearing my contacts 3 days pre-surgery. So,

    I’ve had to reschedule until 4 weeks after my initial date. Nothing done to squeeze me in sooner. No apologies for letting me know the day of my pre-exam not to wear my contacts pre-surgery as well.

  2. I see blurry with both" and she said maybe your right one is making extra effort to compensate for the other one.

    When I went for the test it was the receptionist in training running them and now there was a new receptionist in her place when I saw the ophthalmologist again she would checked my prescription and asked me to try to read with the lenses she was putting me and I would say I cannot read them clearly she would say blink and try again i would have to make super extra effort to read and then she said there is really no prescription on your right eye seems like you need surgery only one left because the other one has no prescription. ” I see blurry with both” and she said maybe your right one is making extra effort to compensate for the other one.

    I am very dissatisfy I feel like I went for a drive through service. I am going to go to another ophthalmologist and check my prescription they totally pay no attention to what you say they only want to do you what they want. I wish I would’ve spend those 3.7K with people who care and realize how important your eyes are

  3. I went to LasikPlus because of a referral.

    I went to LasikPlus because of a referral. I loved the location. It was clean and everyone was extremely friendly and professional. What I had the biggest problem is they refuse to abide to their referral program. Because the person who recommended me lives in Indiana and I also live in Indiana, they claim to not honor their $100.00 referral fee.

    I think that is terrible that together we have recommended several patients and now they are telling us because we live over the state line, they will not give us what they promise. This is very deceitful and unfair.

  4. Dr. Aymond, Dr. Weber and the entire staff were absolutely amazing

    Dr. Aymond, Dr. Weber and the entire staff were absolutely amazing! I was reluctant to have anything performed on my eyes, but my friend spoke very highly of Dr. Admin so I decided to schedule a free consultation. From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with great customer service. After the consultation,

    I was very adamant on getting the surgery and didn’t have any doubt. I had the surgery this last Friday and it went perfect! I have absolutely no complaints and nothing but great things to say. If anyone is thinking about having LASIK I highly recommend LASIK plus especially the Lincoln Park location.

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Severity of Scam :High
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