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Blamed me for The results

so the dr called today and immediately blamed me for the results! told me the shape of my eye was so severe that it will take mores time! said i should get a prescription from an eye dr and he would CONSULT WITH HER! WHAT! i can’t get an enhancement for four more months so I’m stuck, worst part is i had to complain before i got any results. their post op patient care is nil.

i was told before the procedure and before i paid 4000 dollars i would see 20/20 by the pre check dr. then the lasik surgeon dr after the fact says i would never have 20/20 and was mad that his staff would imply that, i guess they didn’t use enough vague words like possibly or maybe or might. i was not a good candidate for lasik but they convinced my other wise.

look around before your go here. they’re your eyes.

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  1. LaserVue Eye Center Is Scammer

    i have reposted this review because they keep taking it down, guess laser view doesn’t want anyone to soil their reputation… i will be posting everyday until i get satisfaction fro laser view, first i am still waiting to have full vision three month into it.

    they are hard sellers there and won’t tell you the u likely outcome and will definitely place the blame on the patient, by saying ” are you using the drops?”

Reported Loss :4000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : bryanh
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