Lamont Brooks, Stacey Shefton & Joshua Graham

Car Theft Sold Car without title Identity Theft Purgery

Stacey Lamont Shefton (Augusta) Warrant his Arrest, He also on bond for Theft by Deception and owes a million dollars in restitution. He has my social security numbers and tried to take out more cars in my name.

He sold me Mercedes Benz GL for $23,000 cashiers check on June 24, 2016 and knowingly knew he can never provide title. He lied to judge in March 2017 that he will bring back the car he stole with his crooked partners and pay back banks for their Mercedes benz. But skip town, that’s why theres is warrant out for his arrest Also Offered Business opportunity for the Luxury Rental Car business.

That We can make money renting cars. He coerced me cosigned on 2 Cars 2014 Chevrolet Corvette and 2016 Jaguar totaling up to $150,000. Before I knew about the scam This happened I found out about title then I realized that I have been scammed.

After the sometime I found out he forged my name on his secretary of state business that I was CEO, And then I left car dealer he signed me as the the borrower and CEO. When I finally got a copy of bill of sale, he signed that I was CEO and main buyer for the cars without my knowledge We went to car dealers and tell them about scam and found out he was trying to sell Jaguar for $50,000, and then sell without title. it had $70,000 Loan.

He Then gave the Chevrolet Corvette to his partners and Mastermind Lamont Brooks and Joshua Graham of Atlanta Xotic Rentals. com to rent out the car. We went to their office to tell them to return car, they say they would not because they want to make money renting out the Chevrolet (I recorded conversation) They rented it out with stolen dealer tags made over $20,000.

Months later his friend was pulled over in the Jaguar with stolen dealer tags, and the car was impounded, Chase Fraud Department Picked It Up From Wrecker. We retrieve police report, that said the car had stolen tag and pulled over and driver also have warrant for his arrest.

Stacey Shefton Lied that he was a car dealer Atlanta Motor He took down website but you can pull it up on (Internet In March someone called from the rip off report to inform me Stacey took $5,000 from them for the car he took their money and skip town Lamont Christopher Brooks (Loganville) and Joshua Stephen Graham (Duluth) He is the mastermind that get luxury cars to rent out and sell them to collect money and don’t pay off loan, also make car go in repossession from not paying on loans he has and is doing this with a half a million dollars worth of car.

He tried intimidate by chasing me in his red range rover reckless driving and came out of his vehicle and try to attack me simple assault. I had to reverse and he chase me again. We try to get him to tell us where the Chevrolet is, we have pictures that he gave to a broker to sell for $10,000 down.

We have a couple more witness that lost over $40,000 cash from Lamont Brooks and trying to get their money back but Lamont keeps on lieing to them. Joshua Graham is shown as owner on secretary of state. Atlanta Exotic Rentals. 1710 Wilwat Dr Norcross GA 30093 suite H But lamont Brooks is on the Business Card as owner so he can work off the books.

We also approach Joshua graham to return the car and at time he said he made $5,000 and I hope the would have return the car but they did not. Joshua Graham tried to intimidate me to stop contacting them to return the car by saying, We was texting them to return car.

They used the car as a slush fund, I We try to explain that I have been trying to tell them Joshua, Lamont and, Stacey to return the cars. They use the system against the victim. We have trove of evidence video, recordings, and witness and other victims to help stop these criminals. And a lot more information.

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