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I called to schedule an appointment. I got on the phone with somebody , who didn’t seem care. She put me on hold and I spent 5 min waiting , which is OK. After she got back to me , she still didn’t know if they have any availability next day (weird). So, I give them my phone number and ask if they can call me , because I’m in pain and like to get it fixed. Nobody calls the same day and day after. I’m sorry , but this seem to me like flaky lady in the office.

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7 reviews on Lakeside Dental Care

  1. I'm sorry , but this seem to me like flaky lady in the office.

    what a joke they will take my nine year old son but not my year old daughter because she can not help with the procedure wait YOUR A PEDIATRIC DENTIST

  2. Additionally, she was quite pushy like a salesman.

    Cecillia Lowe did a half-a$$ job with my teeth cleaning. Sure it looks great from the front, but when u put a mirror to look at the back side of the teeth, it was all stained. I ended up cleaning it myself with a toothpick when i got home.

  3. Amazing dental care encounter!

    Amazing dental care encounter! Excellent Dental professional And Employees. Top quality workplace. Its the very first time strolling from a dental care workplace smiling. Thanks Doctor. Ng !

  4. Everyone at Lakeside dental is very caring

    Everyone at Lakeside dental is very caring, nice and helpful.Dr.Lowe does excellent work and gets detail right. The office is new and very nice too.I am very happy here and couldn’t imagine finding a better dentist or dental office.

  5. Dr. Lowe of Lakeside Dental Care has shown me that there's nothing to fear at the dentist's office.

    Dr. Lowe of Lakeside Dental Care has shown me that there’s nothing to fear at the dentist’s office. The first time I called to make an appointment with this dentist it had been 5 years since I had last been to a dentist’s office. I know it’s terrible that I waited so long to back to have my teeth checked, but I had had a terrible experience with a previous dentist and was really hesitant, maybe scared is a better word, to go back again.

    I called Dr. Lowe’s and made an appointment (on a side note, she’s very popular so it can be tricky to get in right away, although I take this as a good sign) and explained to the receptionist that my teeth really needed a good thorough cleaning. She recommended a deep clean and booked me for two appointments.

  6. They have great service.

    They have great service. I went here to get my teeth wash, and everything went according to plan. Didn’t have to wait. The whole process took no more than an hour. I’m a very busy person and I hate waiting.

    This place is fairly quick. They also keep the place pretty clean. Minus one star because it smells. I haven’t visit a hospital or dentist that uses air freshener.

  7. Service was cool.

    Service was cool. Got my 2nd molar jacked out. You only had to lie down there and be ready for a 5-hour pain. After that, you’re cute again. Damn!

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