Thwy offer cheap tools but no https at credit card payment. Lucky me i didnt complete the transaction

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4 reviews on Laertu

  1. Definitely a scam

    I tried to purchase their too good of a deal tool kits, and every time I tried to run a card, it would deny the payment. I tried from 4 different bank sources, and still the same outcome. All billing and shipping information were correct. When I sent them an email asking them what gives, their response was for me to send them a payment through Western Union or Money Gram…
    Yeah, I’m contacting all banks that were used, and I’ve issued my complaint to the IC3. This website will collect your personal information and not give you anything.

  2. To good to be true

    Got that site via Facebook, 98% sure it’s a scam. There’s no way every single power tools kit can have more than 75% off. I’d stay as far as possible from this if I were you. Peace

  3. Warning stay away from Fashionshopping888 and

    Saw adds they were posting on facebook, checked it out because the prices were really low. After looking at the site that the link takes you to, there is no HTTPS:// on the site and they delete any negative or revealing comments. they actually blocked my from the posts on facebook after i asked a question about why the tools were so cheap and commented if it could be too go to be true. Stay away from Fashionshopping888 on facebook, and

  4. Scam

    Bought at 153 charged at189 shipped a 5$ worth screw driver when it was supposed to be a dewalt 7 piece tools set

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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