La Petite Rose Spa

Made me Uncomfortable

I came to La Petite Rose because the place I usually went to was booked solid (I tend to procrastinate sometimes) and the situation in the swimsuit area needed to be handled.

The woman doing my Brazilian was nice. But also apologetic to a point where it made me uncomfortable. She also told me she would need to leave halfway through my waxing to help a staff member with something. I’d have been more okay with waiting to have an uninterrupted session.

Now, I’m fat. Which can throw some aestheticians off if they’ve never waxed a bigger girl before. The situation isn’t horrendous, but you do have to do your waxing differently. Every aesthetician I’ve had has been completely fine and I’ve had no issues. This woman used hard wax for the entire procedure. Okay.

Any bigger girls out there: don’t let this happen. It just doesn’t work. I’ve never had an issue with the mild discomfort/pain that came with a Brazilian, but let me tell you right now that this was the most painful session I’ve ever had. I’ve had a combination of hard wax and soft (the kind used with the cloths) before, which had great results. But this waxing left me with wax pieces everywhere, places with random hairs still in, and caused ingrown hairs, something I’ve never had a problem with.

After the longest and most painful Brazilian I’ve ever experienced, upon leaving, the woman said “I hope it wasn’t too bad for you,” and gave me an apologetic smile. It was bad for me, thanks for half assing my lady region. Go somewhere else for a wax.

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  1. La Petite Rose Spa Scammer

    I would like to rate La Petite Rose only I can never get in for an appointment. I have called numerous times, left messages, and I never hear back! Not good business, especially when I’m willing to spend the $$$$

Reported Loss :85 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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