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Beware of hidden costs

Beware of hidden costs! This clinic sends lab tests without informing the client of extra expenses. They do not take into account your in-network providers and send tests to the lab of their choice, causing you to have to pay money that would otherwise be covered by your insurance.

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9 reviews on Kwan Dermatology

  1. They are not in business to help people

    This is a money factory plain and simple. They have more offices for billing than they do rooms for patients. If you are a wealthy female that wants cosmetic procedures to look thinner or younger and you don’t care at all about cost, this is the place!

    It is very clear from the ads running in the office and the clientele as you wait for your appointment. If you have legitimate scarring from, say cancer surgery, this is NOT your place. Wanted to charge me $225 for a consultation but wouldn’t give me a ballpark as to how much laser treatments might be to treat a scar on my nose from surgery.

    Told me it would be cosmetic and not billable to insurance but wouldn’t give me a ballpark or low/high as to how much it would cost. I wouldn’t agree to a 10 minute (maybe) consultation so the doctor could tell me I need to spend xxxx dollars I may not be able to afford. They are not in business to help people, they are there to make lots of money!

  2. Not really satisfied.

    Expensive and offers no alternatives to antibotics.

  3. I would never go to him again.

    He is an arrogant doctor who is only in it for the money. This is what happens when a person doesn’t become a doctor because that is his real passion, but because he is driven by money or because his strict asian parents forced him to become a doctor.

    I am amazed by the people who actually think he is a good dermatologists, because it is clear that he has no bedside manner and questionable knowledge.

  4. I have to say, I am so disappointed in this doctor.

    I have to say, I am so disappointed in this doctor. I went to him when my skin started breaking out and a rash was developing on my face. I specifically pointed out the rash asking what it could possibly be. He completely dismissed the rash and put me on a topical acne treatment.

    Well it’s 4 months later and my skin is more inflamed than it has ever been. I even went to his facialist within the office and I don’t think she knew what she was doing either. She has done facials and microdermabrasian and it has severely irritated my skin. I even asked if he could come look at my skin as the office isn’t that large. She said that I could make an appointment another time.

  5. i am Not really satisfied.

    Missed appt fee for a 10 minute appt is $75 ???

  6. I suspect cosmetic dermatology pays very well!

    Just a post that after calling his office at my appointment time to say I would be late and arriving 9 minutes at his office after my appointment time, he had me sit in the waiting area for 10 minutes before canceling my appointment. Fairly unprofessional, especially when I saw him at least four or five times previously and was on time every time.

    For a guy who spends as little as 60 seconds and never more than 5 minutes with you during an appointment, his operation is pretty rigid. I am surprised he can afford to treat his patients this way, but I suspect cosmetic dermatology pays very well!

  7. great service.

    I needed to find a dermatologist and after calling a few offices and sending email appointment requests without any resolution I decided to contact Dr. Kwan’s office. I was very impressed first of all with the immediate response from Catherine, a highly professional individual that from the first interaction made me feel welcomed.

    I’m usually very critical of any medical or dental facilities I go to because I’m in a similar field that requires empathy towards patients and I truly understand the importance of caring for patients from the first interaction all the way to the end.

  8. does anyone know where Kristen the aesthetician went

    does anyone know where Kristen the aesthetician went? She had my skin flawless now not so much that she’s gone tear 🙁

  9. Definitely recommend!

    AMAZING. I had a fantastic experience at Kwan Dermatology. I had cystic acne many years ago and it decided to come back three months ago. I went in and explained my acne history, food I eat, products I use, etc.

    She listened to what I was saying and then walked me through all of my options thoroughly. She took pictures of my skin so we could see progress every month and also gave me coupons for the prescriptions she gave me. Definitely recommend!

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