Krista Roberts

Krista Roberts, PRSA Nebraska hosts a Scammer

Krista Roberts is hosting a known Scammer, Darius Fisher, in Omaha Nebraska, on March 21.


Darius Fisher is known for bribing journalists to fake articles for financial gain (see CNBC news article). There are also reports of Fraud.

A person who invites, supports, and encourages scammers is a scammer herself. It is time to have a close look at Krista Roberts and her association with known scammers.




The reviews, complaints and scams posted about Krista Roberts is permanant record at Search for all reviews, complaints and scams about Krista Roberts

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  1. Krista Roberts is nice person

    This post is just to defame Krista Roberts, she is successful lady all time

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Approved Date:March 21, 2017
Status :Published
Reported Loss :0 $
Severity of Scam :High
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Reported by : anonymous
Category : Person
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