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Kogan & DiSalvo is the worst Law firm

I met with a car accident in which my wife and 2 years daughter were also travelling. My wife suffered major injuries. However, my daughter and I had minor injuries. The guy who bumped his car in front of us was drunk. I also had his car number and other details. But, thinking of law firms have always left me with confusion and fear.

I have seen people wasting money on lawyers and never getting the end results. And, after incurring such an emotional and financial setback, I was not ready to go for more. However, my colleague encouraged me to seek legal help and leaving that guy free wouldn’t have been morally justified.

So, I contacted the lawyers close to my place from Kogan & DiSalvo Law firm. I went for a meeting at their office. I met Darryl Kogan. He took my case and asked me for every minute detail. He assured that the settlement would not take much longer as he was expert in handling such cases.

However, what I did not like was the way he boasted about himself. Instead of talking about my case strategies, he was busy talking about his victories. After the first meeting, I paid him for case preparation and filing of case. In the meantime, he asked to get the amount ready for trails and other fees associated with his service.

He said that he would get me much more than I spent in the hospital and on my car. After a week, he asked for more money. I asked if he had submitted the case in the court. He got violent for a minute and then calmed himself. He replied that he knows his work and I should care about my family at the moment.

It was weird. But I wasn’t in a condition to think much. I transferred him the amount. He kept on asking for money from time to time and I did as he said. After three months, when nothing came up, I called him. He was in a meeting with the client. He asked me to call back in an hour and accidently forgot to cancel the call.

I was clearly able to hear him. He was talking the same way he talked to me when I met him the first time. He gave examples of similar person but with different stories. Either he did not remember much or he was lying. I guess, the later one is more appropriate.

So, I disconnected the call and called him back. I told him that I heard everything he said. He couldn’t speak for few minutes. But, then regained his temper. He said that I was the one at fault and he would press charges for violating his privacy.

He sounded as if he was blackmailing me. But, in a professional tone. I tried to change the topic and asked him about my case. Things got settled. I did receive some amount for the mediation which was way less than he promised. It did not cover anything.
Do not trust Kogan and DiSalvo law firm. Everyone there is a cheat.

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2 reviews on Kogan & DiSalvo

  1. The worst attorneys.

    The worst attorneys. They treated my grandfather with such disrespect. They would never return my phone calls. My advice…don’t hire these racists!

  2. shape and form and sincerely thank you all for EVERTYHING you did helping me.

    All I have to say is these attorneys’ at the Kogan and Disalvo’s Boynton Beach office and their staff including “Marisa” went above and beyond in every aspect of helping me with my case. I am more than pleased in every way, shape and form and sincerely thank you all for EVERTYHING you did helping me.

W Boynton Beach Blvd 3615
33436 FL US
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Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : jami
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