Kirk “Abdul” Teasley

Romance scam

Fraud for legal services to help with my case. Communication stalking and false claims for legal paper work I filed after we broke up.

A third party or friend and family member thereof Kirk “Abdul”, Independent Research Solutions kept harassing me after he had gotten a number of loans, after I paid for a 150cc scooter in Hollywood, Florida which he claims was stolen, coincidentally during which time he owed his ex-wife back owed child support or his ex intimate partner and her boyfriend, Phillip Johnson and Michelle Wade had made threats or claims regarding her stalking claim against Kirk despite the gun charge Johnson ascertained during our dating period in Miami, Florida between December of 2013 through April of 2014.

A period which also coincides with a social security disability claim Kirk was seeking for reason he keep a low profile and ascertained services through several homeless shelters in Broward and Dade counties including MENTAL HEALTH referrals. One of Kirk’s allies who had been selectively keeping track of events continued the faith based harassment eliciting any kind of revenue in an out of court claim he manifested.

Kirk departed Tampa, Florida before we agreed for any type of legal self help after a dissolution of his contract with his employer and defaulted in a bit here pay here auto payment agreement, another possible third party harassment excuse whereas I had nothing to do with his contractual terms.

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3 reviews on Kirk “Abdul” Teasley

  1. She hurt i got rid of her

    This is kirk and your mad i got rid of you so your going to slander my charater lol

  2. Lying ass bitch

    This is Kirk Teasley ..I’m tired of this nasty bitch slandering my character on the was struggling then and your trifling now….tel home you came down Miami on a business meeting and showed up with all your luggage and had no money and I let you stay in my van and you were creating addicts in it..I couldn’t get rid of you..I felt sorry for you

  3. She is telling the truth. Do not date him he only want to use you for your finances. Still your social security card and your driver’s license to open up accounts in your name. Then he will move on to a different state. state-to-state using women. I have personally seen him printing legal documents online. Act like he’s helping by wanting your power of attorney.

Miami FL US
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Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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