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I wish I could give this hotel NEGATIVE stars!

I wish I could give Kimpton George Hotel NEGATIVE stars! It started with the night my husband and I checked in. The AC unit in the room was broken. They had no other rooms available, so they brought us a fan and gave us a free breakfast the next morning. I should mention that I have a nocturnal seizure disorder and need to be kept at a comfortable temperature while I sleep or I can have a seizure.

The next morning, Mike the manager, said that they would look into refunding us for the night but continued by saying that refunding through Hotwire is very difficult but he would keep us posted. The food at “Bistro Bis”, which is supposed to be amazing, was AWFUL! The French toast tasted like it had been soaked in oil and then thrown on a griddle.

It was stale, yet oily. Figure that out! When we moved into the new room later that day, I was glad that it was cool in there, but there was something wrong with the bed. If you sat at the foot of the bed, the head of the bed came up.

We didn’t bother saying anything about that though; it just didn’t seem worth it. The last night we were there, as my husband and I were getting ready for bed, we saw COCKROACHES! No, not water bugs, cockroaches! When we called the front desk to tell them, the response we were met with was nothing short of disdain. They didn’t offer us a new room, not even another free breakfast (which we would have refused).

No, instead they said, “Oh, I’m very sorry. Would you like your wake up call for 8am?” So when we got up the next morning…in HASTE…we packed our things and checked out. We again brought up the fact that there were bugs in our room and it was then that we were offered yet another free breakfast. Of course, we refused and I said, “we didn’t enjoy the first free breakfast you gave us, I doubt today will be any different”.

Then we were offered a free room for the next time we are in DC. I looked at my husband and laughed out loud. I said, “Oh no, we won’t be coming back here…ever.” The man at the front desk, I believe his name was Patrick, said, “I’m really sorry about this.” He then looked down and, as though nothing had happened, said “And I see you have no charges to your room…”

While we were on our way home, I decided to check the credit card that they put a hold on for “incidentals”. To my surprise there was a pending charge of $18.00. I immediately called the hotel to find out why. The reason I got? “It’s just something our computer does when you eat at the restaurant. It will come off in a few days.” When I further questioned WHY it does that, again, I was told “It’s just something the computer does. You weren’t charged; it’s just a hold.” Questions…no answers

And if you are wondering about the refund, I called Hotwire myself and was able to get a full refund. However, my husband received an email from the assistant front desk manager saying that they were unable to get us a refund because we paid through Hotwire and they could not get Hotwire to reimburse any of our stay at the hotel. They were, however, willing to refund us a little less than half of what we paid. That email came in BEFORE I spoke with Hotwire and was told that no one from the hotel had contacted them. While I was on the phone with Hotwire, THEY called the hotel and got the entire thing resolved.

For the most part, the staff was nice. However, nice front desk staff doesn’t change the fact that there were BUGS in the room nor does it change the fact that the assistant manager blatantly LIED about a refund! This hotel is rated 4 stars and I think it’s a joke!

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