Kimberly’s Kave

Sealing money from people without actually sending out the paid for item

Scammer on Instagram page. Selling items that she hasn’t actually got to sell. Taking peoples money and then blocking them.

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5 reviews on Kimberly’s Kave

  1. A Money Hungry Scam

    At first this store was pretty believable , she followed me on Instagram, so I followed back and looked through the pictures which looked believable . However I got my doubts after realising there were barely any reviews . She was unable to to be paid through PayPal although she advertises on her Instagram that she uses PayPal. Then she told me only to send through bank transfer. As I was unsure I left it for a couple of days , she then messaged me rudely asking me where my money is , so then I was sure it was a scam. Luckily I didn’t send any money . Don’t trust it


    This person is absolutely horrible ! I bank transfer her over 500£ because she looked genuine videos feedbacks etc . She didn’t replied to my messages and also blocked me. Im going to report her to the Police ! PLEASE DONT BUY FROM HER!!!!

  3. Scammer

    Transferred £550 to her after being pestered for it. One item never arrived at the cost of £160,and was told it was not her problem as she’s just the middle man.i waited 8 weeks and still nothing. After threatening to report her she reluctantly agreed to order something else for less money,well that was nearly a month ago and still nothing. No reply to my messages. I’ve found out her identity and where she’s working,so will be reporting her to customs and my bank. Avoid at all cost,nasty rude woman.

    1. Sharon

      I also sent this woman money and have had nothing!!! I am so upset I have been ripped off. I really trusted she would send me the good and I got nothing from her at all.

    2. Lisa

      I’ve also been scammed by Kimberlyskave in excess of £800. I’ve tried to find out identity so I could report her.

  4. Stay away!!! I ordered from her back in April and spent £170 paid by bank transfer as she said her PayPal was not working. Waited for two weeks and nothing came I was in contact with her and she told me the stuff had been stopped at customs and won’t be long. This story went on for weeks and she promised to order them again, that never happened she got really rude and told me I would just have to wait like other people. I ask for my money back and was told no! I then asked for a different item to be sent in replacement of the first and sent her photos over, she took ages getting back to me…..finally she said she would send something else. Guess what??? It never came! She would post on Instagram and not respond to my messages. Next thing the name of the account changed and apparently is under new management!! Total crap! The new person told me it’s nothing to do with them any previous orders. Looks like I am not the only person this is happened to. Please stay away from these two accounts. I will post some photos so you can see the names of them.


    Update…. the new account is call designer dreams! Looks like it’s been shut down!! ? I can’t add photos! Just be aware they obviously change the name once they have ripped people off.

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Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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