Kenneth Ray varner aka Carlo digiovanni

Borrows money

Ken gives money to his kids mom for a down payment on a car that doesn’t belong to him so I have to sue Kathy genson for the cash back because ken is a punk and doesn’t pay his bills.ken steals money from people .his family thinks he killed his own father and after seeing his rage tantrums I believe there right. Ken lies about everything he wasn’t raised in New York by grand parents as he tells everyone.the accent is as fake as he is.ken is a closet cocaine addict who spent thousands of dollars of other people’s money on his habit.ken doesn’t work.he had a open deal case in California has a fake I’d and passport under the name Carlo digiovanni and California is investigating him for that and he’s being sued and charged in Washington state because he doesn’t pay his debts.he is on video getting 15000 to pay his dope debt in one video and in another he’s picking up 5,000. He even talks in the video of other money he borrowed for his kids graduation and gifts that he didn’t pay for.instead if paying ken will file bogus protection orders then not show up for court.he won’t pay a storage bill then complain about things not being there when he paid 2mo on a year of storage.hes a liar. his own family knows he’s a liar and a thief and has numerous info of the other people he has stolen from.ken is being charged with fraud for the money he got from me for a lawyer for a lawsuit that didn’t he kept the 3500 to support his lifestyle of the ken wants to be famous. And he’s being sued even though he hides and can’t be located.he said he lived in Olympia when he filed the bogus lawsuit against me .so the court is moving forward in the charges against him.kens a drug dealer and a ratt and I have all the documentation to prove it.

This guy is no more than a glorified prostitute.

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4 reviews on Kenneth Ray varner aka Carlo digiovanni

  1. If you have had money stolen from you by Kenneth ray varner AkA Carlo digiovanni,please email me and I will give you all the information I have on this fake rip off punk.
    And you can sue him and charge him with fraud .he’s a habitual liar,you can contact his family and they will tell you he’s a conman,his fake I.j.t llc is a fake business which has also been reported,as it’s listed as a insurance company, he tells some people he install garage doors,others that he’s into vending machines,others that he’s a interpreter, what he is ,is a lazy man who lives off of people or gets them to sell his drugs ,then blame the fact he can’t support himself on them and he turns abusive when you question him or ask for your money back,he gives you cars towards what he owes then has them stolen,the guy won’t be out there ripping off women for long as he’s being charged . he wouldn’t be in the trouble he’s in if he wouldn’t of borrowed the money in the first place.then doesn’t pay it back only a punk does wtf he did and you can ask my witnesses I paid for his trip to Cali in 2016 to sell the impala as I was suppose to get the money ,as he owed me,but he was grooming his next victim already…

  2. Carlo digiovanni is a fake,his real name is Ken varner,he’s accused of killing his own father he does Rob women of money ,everything they say about him is true, and he’s very abusive when caught in his lies and theft, his family is aware of what he is and can’t believe he’s in his 40s and still stealing money from people,clearly he needs to go back to prison.

  3. ken varner is a fake & a thief

    As ken tells his lies of being raised in new york by grandparents and all this stupid bs that never happend ,and he uses the fake new york accent too, ive been bisy getting notorised statements,to use against him for the theft charges that were filed against him,for the syolen car charges that have been filed ,for the perjury and fraud that he committed,and ive got 4 video with audio recordings of him talkijg and counting out the cash that was loaned to him,that he now of course denies,and talking of alot of stuff he denies,like the millions he was going to take from his friends pats estate when he died of cancer and the ford gt that would be his ect,,oh yes and talking of the money he was suppose to give me from the sale of the impala in ca that he was suppose to pay me 5,000 towards what he owed but he said he paid the taxes on the bmw that wpuld be his also,turn the volume up loud on the videos,as ken likes to hear himself talk and talk he does and yes im giving it to the court to add even more charges as clearly his fraud is premeditated…he even gave me the honda and he gave it to me on video,that I put 3500$ into,that he said he was taking to get a stereo put in it, that he put in his own childs name(not exactly father of the yearI)and ive never seen my honda or my 3500 again.or my audi that he sold to a man un tacoma thats facing charges because of ken also,,,and I sold a ring for over 3000 and he stole the cash from that and my new phones that I owe att for and left town,along with my front loading washer and dryer that I paid for,and all my ither items I n decided to steal.hes being charged for theft,and because he put my stolen car in his daughters name ,that he gave me and hes even on video telling me what color to have it painted as ken wasnt suppose to have that car ,as it was in a dea raid in cali and instead.of squishing it in a car crusher ken had me pay for the body work and paint then.ken stole the car and I have to.charge his daughter with fraud and theft tooo,and I am,,,so if ken had stolen money from u ,please feel free me and ill give you the name.if the federal prosecuting attorney whos investigating him,for fraud,career criminal and ca dmv who would like to talk to him in person,and please go look on the website at my court paperwork,you will see the bail company used,that steve paid ,and I paid him back because the bastard ken who had me selling drugs and borrowed money from me left me in jail for 5 days when my bail.was only 500$ and then emailed the prosecuting attorney bs to try and get my bail.revoked,which I have the papers that r filed with the courts ,by him,to prove that he did that,,,so just no that this man is a total liar,ratt,thief ,women beating PUNK BITCH.

    1. 1hotmess67

      Ken is in washington

      And the authorities have veen notified.
      Hes got a fake business IJT.LLC listed as a INSURANCE company,,when hes has prior co victions if insurance fraud,he steals 80,000 then goes on vacation,,I hope he gets arrested while hes in washington with his youngest daughter as he deserves it.

  4. I believe Ken did kill his father

    After my experience with this lying phsyco theres no doubt in my mind that he killed his soon as his dad was gonna go against him it was over….as Ken is all about Ken and he will do whatever he has to besides tell the truth. Ken has multiple personalities.ken is a total fake and a fraud and after what he did on the back porch of his own house in a state of dimensional reality of him saying there getting him for what he did.. No doubt that the cops should of charged Ken with murder not assisted Ken knows he’s guilty.he said to me when I was flipping out over what he had done.he said well I wasn’t arrested this never happens.. But it did..and I no he’s guilty. It must haunt him. He was on his knees hands behind his neck like he was being arrested…
    It was scary. And I’m glad this creep is out of my life.hes abusive.hes a liar and I’m positive he did it.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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