Kenneth Bermudez

Cares about the money

Doctor Bermudez only cares about the money Not his Clients. He performed three procedures on my body. He was very nice on my first meeting with him. Took over an hour (that is how he got my attention). The procedure he did was horrible. He even agreed he needed to fix the problems. When I explained to him my disappointment he decided to raise his voice on me and quickly finished our meeting.

After over $20,000 down the drain, over a month recovering. I felt so stupid for putting my life in his hands. I just could not see myself giving him another chance. After all I trusted him and he did not even come close to what he had said he would do. All I had was scars on my body and a doctor who did not care since he already got paid. I just recently did the surgery with another doctor. The results are amazing! The post op and follow up visits I had with my new doctor exceeds my expectations. Doctor Bermudez never did deliver what he promised and was very unprofessional and rude. Another doctor was able to perform a much better job and provide me a such a great experience.
I would give doctor Bermudez ZERO stars if I could.

Update: August 6, 2017
Doctor Bermudez reached out to me via text. He said he is willing refund me some of the money I paid. I requested his office call me. If and when I receive the call I will update my review…

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Reported Loss :20000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : MariaH
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