Ken varner

The lazy CONMAN named Ken varner
  1. Ken didn’t even get off his ass to collect the drug money.he had his girlfriend do it.had her working 18 he days while he vacationed and shopped and attacked her physically .Ken borrowed alot of cash from me.but was too scared from his DEA raid to do anything but not to scared to set me up when he wanted to go back to California and get his share of a man named Pat’s millions.i got it on video.thats what he said he wanted his share of Pat’s money.he probably lied about that too I no one of Pat’s friends died and had a widow and I bet Ken wormed his way into her life.knowing she had money.thats what Ken did to Ken is basically a paid bitch.cause he isn’t going to do anything he’s too lazy.he bles it on his chrohms disease.hes full of shit he’s a pillow pet.only he can’t afford his own pillow.but he will act like a victim poor Ken ya he had me believing he was suing his uncle there’s no lawsuit so I charged Ken with fraud.and theft as he took 3500 from a ring I had sold and took off with the money said in messages that I have .that the courts now have that I’d get paid when the lawsuit was settled.there isn’t one.kem also stole a Honda from me that I’d put 3500 into.he said he was having a stereo put in it..I’ve never seen it or my 3500..or the 15000 he borrowed to pay his dope debt in sacramento.or the 5000 he borrowed I have those on video and he can’t lie when it’s his own mouth doing the talking on the video..Ken then lied to my friends and family he borrowed money from them also I’m suing Ken for fraud. And he put my car that he’s on video giving me his kids name so I charged her too..Ken doesn’t car about anyone but Ken and eventually he’s going to prison for all of I’m not dropping any of the charges till I’m paid in full.and damages. For all that he did
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Reported Loss :700000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : anonymous
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