Ken varner of WA & Mexico

Ken Varner is a drug dealing conman

Ken Varner had me risk my life to sell drugs to support him and all of his bills,including his mortgage,$1500,his kids private school ,even his 300mo sports cable package,,everything from the power bill,I risked my life because Ken was too scared too,because of a dea raid in Cali..

He was scared too but nobody else would help him so he didn’t care that his own girlfriend was risking her life for him to take every cent and even take items of mine that I had before I ever met every bit of $38,900 in jewelry that was pawned to pay his bills,that he’s on video promising my mom who was concerned at the amount of cash Ken was borrowing from me,,and he’s on video promising not to loose my jewelry which included family heilooms diamond rings and pay for his real estate attorney.

Yes I paid for it all even,to his supposed trip to Cali to sell a Impala that the money was to go to me as he owed me $70,000.00 in he had borrowed 15,000 to pay people he owed in Sacramento,and 5,000 for this 5,000 cash for whatever.he came back from California without a cent,turned abusive he had a employee who robbed our garage,and of course Ken blamed me.not the people who actually did it cause Ken don’t beat up men.

He only beats on women and breaks there bones of women who he is 3 times as big as. Ken,put me in the hospital told me he spent the money on taxes for a millionaire inventor named Pat’s car. While I risked my life for this abusive fake lying piece of shit,,who ended up being the person who ratted on me,,as you don’t have to pay the person back if there in prison for 10 years do you Ken..yes when I won my case,it was disgusting to get copies of Ken’s emails to the prosecuting attorney.

Worst of all,yes he lied to my family and told them I was a heroin junky.ive never even tried heroin…Ken stole a car and put it in his oldest daughter jochelle name,that he had me spend 3500 on redoing as he gave me the Honda that was shipped to Washington as it was in a dea raid,so I had it fixed up.and now I am charging Ken’s child with fraud as I have the title and I owned the car that he used his child to steal,as he put it in her name.

It went to get a stereo put in and I never seen it again and I want my 3500 back so ya I filed charges.i also filed fraud and theft charges against Ken in Thurston county as he stole another 3500 in cash from the sale of another ring I had.and he committed fraud ..and fraud by taking loans I have him on video getting that he denies.

My mom is elderly and I should be spending my time that she has left with her instead I’m dealing with detectives and courts and lawyers because Ken isn’t getting away with what he has done.according to his family I’m the first person who’s ever had video of him talking and all should no Ken likes to hear himself talk.and boy does he.he talks of getting his share of Pat’s millions.

And thanking me for all the loans he swears he’s gonna pay back and he actually gave me the Honda and Audi on video,he sold the Audi and I’m also charging him with theft and fraud for that…it’s taken some time but I will be the first one in the United States to prove his fraud at such an amount to where it will be federal and he will probably get carrier criminal sad for him…but I don’t care if all I ever see is restitution from prison wages.

Ken will be held responsible for what he did and him and everyone he involved will be liable for the damages his fraud caused me,my life and my family. The man is evil,his stories are all lies,and he’s a punk bitch to put it mildly.

I’ve never imagined that anyone I did so much for would do absolutely everything to cause me harm.physicaly.financialy and life without would be too good for that piece of shit .I’m only sorry that because of his lack of being a man his child has to be brought in to court.and sadly she will see for herself exactly what a lying fake thief fraud her father is. He’s got nobody to blame but his own greed ,lies and complete lack of integrity,honor and couth, as that piece of trash isn’t a man.hes a punk bitch.

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Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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