Ken varner ,ken varney,carlo giovanni

Ken varner is a habitual liar and a con artist

EVERY thing that ken said is a lie.

He lied about who raised him.he lied about who he is..kens lies to gain peoples soon as ken borrows thousands from you. Ken will then lie to everyone about you then he will leave town with your money and cars..then you will never get a cent back from this weirdo creep.

He is a mentally unstable person who got away with murdering his own father.

As soon as you ask for your money and items ken takes.he will and did turn abusive and put me in the hospital with broken bones more then once.

This monster needs to be prosecuted and hooefully he will be brought up on federal fraud charges its illegal to lie about everything about yourself in order to gain peoples trust in order to steal from them .

As thats exactly what he did..he borroed money for a non existamt lawsuit…he tells me in proof that i will get my money bqck when the lawsuit is settled..ive also filed theft charges against him as he stole 3500 feom the sale of my ring and left town with it..he borrowed money for his kids private school.i can prove that too..he also borrowed from my friends that i had to pay back and i can prove that yes all i can do to have federal charges brought against him im doing..hes a lying evil murdering abusive creep who owes thousands..along with the mental abuse he inflicts upon his victims and hes been doing this his whole life and finally someone is going to stop him..he should be in prison and will be eventually..and the dea of california is going to charge him too..with money laundering.hes also being i investigated by the irs and the state of wa for his illegal business he had listed as a insurance company.when hes had prior insurance fraud charges. And he had cars listed and taxes he did fraud on..yes im making sure hes dealt with on every level.

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Reported Loss :7000000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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