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I’m posting about Ken everyday that I have to deal with the fallout from Ken varners fraud and stealing.

Today I had to sit in a drab state office giving statement about what Ken did while we were together and all that he stole from me.

It’s depressing to think I had someone like him in my life as quite frankly he was very need and honestly not a lot of fun.

Most selfish narsasistic men are really not that great to be around lol and not missed at all and I’m really getting quite bored with dealing with this but if it will save just one women from dealing with this creep,then for the good of women everywhere I will keep being a decent person and do what I can to get rid of the parasite that Ken is…

As only thing I miss is the dog.ya u would think that all the money that he stole and considering he never took care of her he would if left the dog since I’m sure he’s left her somewhere by now…he’s really a rotten person and Ken if your reading this.  Everyone including me is glad your gone..but you are b in prosecuted for the money you took by fraud…

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  1. Ken’s case number is: 18-200543..for the theft of the ring money from the ring I sold that Ken stole the money from.that his text messages and emails proved .he said he’d pay me back when the lawsuit,that don’t exist is settled,,,can’t snitch his way out of I’m not selling his drugs so he will have to set up next.steal 38,000 worth of jewelry from her when he lost it in pawn for 1700 when it was pawned to pay his bills he’s also being sued and charged for fraud for that,,,Ken is a repulsive chronic habitual liar…who is also being sued and charged for the cars he stole and had stolen with all my personal items in it. As a witness gave a statement to the police of him giving the spare chip key for it to be stolen….Ken is a evil ungrateful twisted sick person who made up lies and physically attacked me and kept attacking me over a lie he made up.hes a punk and yes I believe he killed his own father and I will tell everyone what he did to me and what I believe he did
    He’s evil.and just ask for your money and he will do whatever to try and have you arre
    Arrested like call his cop buddies as Ken plays both sides of the fence.and email the prosecuting attorney to have your bail revoked cause he’s a punk bitch i have copies of his emails to the prosecuting attorney his bitch ass did He’s no good.hes fake he’s a ratt.and he doesn’t keep his word. As his word don’t meen shit he’s a punk bitch coward

  2. Ken's getting charges finally

    Finally once he’s charges I can sue him.and everyone connected to the thefts of my money,cars ,ite.s anyone involved if there charged I’m suing the. Including his kid,Ken owes for her graduation and gifts and involved her in his stolen car scam,,,so at least she will no the truth and so will everyone else as all of his lies are being brought up in his fraud charges as I wouldn’t of let him near me to steal anything let alone date the real ken..soon they will all no the truth…as there getting sued along with him…he brought his kid with him on the day he stole 5,000 in cash
    and it’s alll on video recording…thank God.

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