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I’m glad that you have reported the site to PayPal and other fraud companies.  I hope that one day someone will be able to make Ken Bradley accountable for his nonsense and make him shut down his fake InternationalPenFriends site.

The saddest part of Ken Bradley’s actions is that he can ruin the pen friend experience for people before they even start it.   For people who make friends through genuine pen friends.

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From: IPF Head Office <[email protected]>
Date: 05/11/2017 3:58 am (GMT+00:00)
Subject: Re: Please help


Hi Mrs C

Thank you for your email.

I am the President of International Pen Friends (IPF), which is a worldwide pen friend club that is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.   IPF has a Head Office in Australia and we have various agents around the world.

Unfortunately there site on the Internet that claims to be ‘InternationalPenFriends’.  Its address is PO Box 789, Chelan, WA, USA and its web page is

I mention on IPF’s Head Office website that IPF is in no way whatsoever associated with that organisation.

If you have sent payment to the InternationaPenFriends in Chelan, WA, USA, then please contact PayPal immediately and lodge a dispute requesting a refund of your payment, and continue with the dispute until you do receive a refund.  You will not be sent a pen friend list.   Or is you are, it would have no value.

The site is run by a Mr Ken Bradley and from reports we have received here, it has not provided a pen friend service for a very long time.

Since 1996, I have contacted various organisations in an attempt to make Mr Bradley accountable for his actions, so far all to no avail.

If you live in USA I suggest that you also contact the police in Chelan, WA (or your local police office).   Also, lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Mr Bradley’s trademark has been dead since 2008 and the claims in on his website are false.  I have a large file here relating to the matter.  Ken Bradley likes to pretend that he is a very big person with a great achievement in terms of InternationalPenFriends.  In reality, he used to be an agent in USA for the pen friend organisation that I now own and manage and his agency was terminated by the previous President and Founder of International Pen Friends (IPF), Neil O’Donnell, in around 1995 due to low recruitment numbers and dishonesty.   It was soon after then that Ken Bradley trademarked the name of InternationalPenFriends in USA, with all sorts of claims that are not true.

A person who previously did business with Ken Bradley created a site called, You can view that site to see that Ken Bradley has a long history of making false claims about many things.

If you do a Google search of the address PO Box 789, Chelan, it will bring up various other businesses that Ken Bradley runs.   As far as I am aware, he doesn’t put his name to any of the businesses, which is hardly surprising, given his reputation.

You are welcome to join my organisation.  As you initially contacted my agent in Finland, Virpi, about the payment you made to the fake InternationalPenfriends, you can join through her website: or through the Head Office website:

Our application forms and fees are available from the websites.

Again, I am sorry that you fell victim to Ken Bradley’s fake pen friend service I hope that you are able to obtain a refund of your money through PayPal.  It is very frustrating for us that he continues to deceive people, and the best chance of that changing is for people who paid money to him and received nothing to report the matter to as many authorities as possible.

Best wishes

Julie Delbridge

Phone:   + 61 3 5156 1144
Email:    [email protected]
ABN:          80 070 592 343

On 5 Nov 2017, at 9:56 am,
Dear Mrs C

Thank you for your email and for providing us with a screen capture of the transaction you made through Paypal.

I am very sorry to inform you that the organization you have paid the fee to has absolutely nothing to do with International Pen Friends. The organization in question is using the International Pen Friends brand name illegally and we have been trying to have them closed down for years,
without success unfortunately.

The person who runs the scam, Ken Bradley, owns the websites and, the former of which you seem to have sent the money to. As far as we are aware, he does not provide people with any penfriends at all but just takes their money by using our brand name illegally.

I would advise you to contact Paypal immediately to try and get your money back as you will not be getting any penfriends through Mr Bradley’s website. If you wish to obtain more information about the difference between the real International Pen Friends and the scam run by Mr Bradley, please contact the President of IPF, Julie Delbridge, at [email protected]

I am very sorry that you have fallen victim to the scam and I hope you
will get your money back through Paypal.

Best wishes

Virpi Taivassalo

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