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Then aformentioned assistant racks up huge amounts of hours without warning me

Becky seemed great when I met for my initial consult, but from then on, my books were handled by an assistant, rather than Becky herself. First mistake.Then aformentioned assistant racks up huge amounts of hours without warning me and when I confronted her about it, she BLAMED ME. Now,

I have been in customer service for many, many years and rule numero uno is that you never blame the freaking customer!!! Especially when I was politely asking her why my bill had quadruped with no notice.She explains that the extra time has come from me not giving her certain info that she has had to manually figure out, hence the extra time.

Fair enough. From that point on, I get her the info she asks for – organize it beautifully and send it to her on time. And yet, nothing changes. She continues to bill me the maximum amount of hours she can on my account despite my efforts to make things more efficient. When I asked her and Becky about it,

the response was basically that I should just get over it and expect to keep paying that amount, though there was absolutely NO evidence of her assistant doing the amount of work those bills required.There were also mistakes with them sending me other clients invoices, lost packets of my own info that never turned up and I never received ONE financial report for my business!

Do yourself a favor – if you are a small biz owner like me, STAY AWAY. There are plenty of other options out there. I have a great book keeper now if you need a referral…… UPDATE: So mysteriously after my post there are several new reviews extolling the virtues of how great this place is…..all from new users with only ONE review: on KYB Bookeeping! How ironic.

Look, no matter how many cheesy great reviews their friends may post, it still not going to keep them from sucking. San Francisco has TONS more bookeepers that will do a WAY better job – trust.

2: Due to the overwhelming response by other asking for a reference, my new book keeper is booked solid! If you want a reference, I’ll see what I can do…….

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