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Kathryn Amenta is a Waste of time and Money

Buyers beware indeed. Kathryn Amenta Money Coach was more than happy to take my money and get counseling from me for her own money issues. She owes me money for wasting my time. She pretended like she was professional but when she was “Counseling” me she cried and said that she was jealous because she had to work in a factory for $12 per hour when her daughter was an infant.

She is NO psychologist, she is NOT a professional. She made fun of me and my religion. If she is careless enough to misspell her client’s names on her website then she can’t help her clients. The woman would not even open her door when I showed up on time for appointments and she made me wait more than 20 minutes on her stoop when I was on time, then went on to lecture me about being on time.

She bragged about being able to support her husband when he was out of work and he was always around lurking around the house during my appointments. When I met her she was cold, heartless, had no people skills, rude, condescending, exhibited passive aggressive behaviors.

Any positive review on here is likely from her friends. I asked her to issue me a letter of apology and she said she would only do so if I signed a release stating that I would never tell anyone about it. I hope she has tried to improve herself since I have seen her. I felt sorry for her because she seemed much more pathetic than I was. She can only meet clients at home to avoid paying rent money she does not have for a formal office.

God bless people in this tough economy and in every economy. The only thing she taught me was not to pay people likes her for help that they are not capable of or don’t want to provide me. Since working with her I have never paid a dime to people who cannot adequately serve me and have likely saved money that way. Funny thing, paying 10% of my income to church for tithing has given me more hope than working with a financial counselor.

Its people like Kathryn who make me believe there is a God, because only God can make me feel forgiving to a person like her. It’s difficult to forgive people when they feel they are above apologizing and always out to protect their own tush rather than to do what is right.

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5 reviews on Kathryn Amenta

  1. Kathryn Amenta Money Coach Scam.

    My experience with Kathryn was AWFUL. I found her to be unethical, she lied, she became rude, she forgot things, and more. On a first phone call to explore working with her, she seemed fine. But things went downhill quickly after that. She was rude in communication, which surprised me. This happened multiple times.

    And she needed reminding of things previously told to her or even of our appointment time itself! It was a very unfortunate experience. Now I’m the next. Again, my experience was awful.

  2. I strongly recommend hiring a coach.

    All athletes know that to enable them to get the best results in any sport, they need a coach. How about in life? Do you know how deal with money? Whether you do or don’t, I strongly recommend hiring a coach.

    A person – who will help you get rid of negative spending habits and encourage saving habits. I can only recommend one such person. Her name is Kathryn Amenta, and she is a money coach.

  3. I still had the same credit card balance and no savings...

    It took me about six months before I finally decided to take the plunge…I mean, how could I spend a bunch of money on financial counseling , when I have none? that seems crazy….

    I can fix this, I thought, I can do it, just stop spending money and then I’ll have some….six months went by and nothing changed, I still had the same credit card balance and no savings…

  4. Her services are a great value when you consider the impact.

    Kathryn provides an invaluable service, and does so with compassion, integrity, expertise, and efficiency. She utilizes a great approach and tools to work with people around financial issues and needs wherever they are. She helped me turn around my finances after many years of trying on my own with no success. Her services are a great value when you consider the impact.

  5. Greate

    When I had all but given up on my financial life, Kathryn not only showed my a path to financial health, but also help me understand so I could do the work. She has been a never ending resource of reflection, ideas, and encouragement.

    It is a factual, sometimes funny, friendly experience, and there is nothing better than having the personal financial tools and skills to make your dreams happen!

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Severity of Scam :High
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