Kathleen M Egan

They were being accurately takingcare of my case

I went to this company because she was recommended from a co -worker.I have been doing with them since 2014 when I got divorce and I didn’t have an accountant to do my taxes. Every single year I have provided all the information the have requested.

I used to meet with Kathy and go over every single change, court papers , medical expenses EVERYTHING organized in envelopes and dividers TRUSTING that they will submit all the information to the IRS. Only to find out that was not the case when I received a letter from the IRS stating i was being audit for 2016 taxes for some alimony money I ” Omitted “or supposedly didn’t report when that was NOT the case .

When I called the office Pam one of the girls explained to me that I need it to respond to the letter and paid a substantial amount of money to the IRS because it was not on my documents when I clearly did informed them and they had my court papers with the details of child support and alimony that i was receiving.

I paid every single year for their fees believing they were being accurately takingcare of my case and as a certified CPA they were representing me but they didn’t . How can they not be hold accountable ??? After I trusting them and not only that, I understand people can make mistakes but clean your hands and not helping your clients after you know it was your mistake is NOT acceptable .

I will NEVER used them again and I HOPE who reads this review understand the very serious issues they can get if they use their services . See yourselves in my shoes .I have to deal with IRS now without knowing Nothing about it and have to pay fees after I already pay a certified CPA $ 410.00 every year to do my taxes incorrectly and I am single mom providing for 2 kids and helping my parents . Money that I can’t afford to just pay.

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North Cave Creek Road 14820
Phoenix 85032 AZ US
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Reported Loss :410 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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