Katelyn Armes

Porn woman

nude queen and pretender, lies of the highest level

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4 reviews on Katelyn Armes

  1. The person posting this crap is sick & needs to get a life!

    The person posting this CRAP is a very sick demented person & needs to get a life! They are con artists/blackmailers who prey on single innocent women & then post crap like this about them when they don’t get what they want from them, including money! I know Katelyn personally. She never lied to this person. This person lied to her, she fell into their trap, they pretended to be interested in her on line, strung her along, received money from her & when she was all out of money, this is what she got. And then to add photos of her child? To the person who posted this? You are a very sick SOB! You are a coward & a manipulator. Go get a real job & stop preying on innocent victims. Ladies, don’t let this happen to you…

  2. The person of this post needs to get a life

    The person posting this crap really needs to get a life. This person was NEVER cheated out of $5000 by Katelyn. It’s just the opposite. Katelyn thought she was in a relationship with someone she loved & someone whom she thought loved her. This person led her to believe they loved her, conned her out of money & then tried bribing her for $30,000 & posting these pictures when she found out she had been scammed by them & she told them she didn’t have anymore money to give them. And then to bring an innocent child into all of this? To the person posting this garbage? You are a bastard & sick SOB. Katelyn worked very hard for every single dollar that you stole from her. STOP preying on innocent victims like Katelyn & go get a real job & actually EARN money the way that hard working people do.

  3. true

    have been scammed by this lady as well, her family are all thieves and support evil

  4. loose Girl

    even if the dude is lying, she must be a little slut, cause how did she get her nude pics out, wide pussy tho

Elkhorn 53121 WI US
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Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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