Kate Maurissa Allen

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I stood behind the person through her drug addiction, her stealing from me, her stealing from her work and forging checks, her getting arrested, her rehab, her probation, her lying to me about everything and now she has cheated on me. Not to mention I financialy supported her ass for two years,

This oxygen user in no good and should be left alone. That’s what her sister told me and I wished I had listened to her. Kate cares only about Kate and what she can gain from the current guy she is spreading her legs for. She has no moral compass, no principals and no conscience. She is a very dangerous and poisoned  person. She can’t cook, she is lazy, she has no credit and. Has no money. She didn’t bring anything to the relationship but the hole between her legs and that wasn’t all that great either.

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Shawnee KS US
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Reported Loss :20000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : laundy56
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