Karen M Horton

Dr. Horton sells herself

Please do not support Dr. Horton as she has MAIMED, as evidenced here, many women.

Please read all one star reviews and take them to heart. I, unfortunately, did not and will pay the price for the rest of my life.

Horton is great at marketing herself but should recuse herself from doing anymore surgeries on patients with Tuberousis. Horton did not listen to me and admitted to FORGETTING my desires and that I loved my original nipples. And while she really expends a lot of effort into making you feel taken care of she made MANY mistakes and her methods are, in my opinion, out dated. I am ruined by my experience with her, as many others here have expressed.

Please look elsewhere for Reconstructive Surgery and Tuberous Breast Correction.
Original “nice” version while in recovery: I was born with Tuberous Breasts and also had a lumpectomy to remove a large Firberadenoma when I was 18. I waited 10 years and only ever promised myself I would do this if it was the right surgeon and if I could pay for it. I went to Dr. Horton with my meager life savings and all the hope in the world. She assured me that my concerns of having an abnormality from the lumpectomy were unfounded (they weren’t).

I have since had 2 surgeries with Dr. Horton and many complications… too many of which I was not warned of. Many of those complications I believe to be simple mistakes she could and should have avoided. Short story… I think she has done a pretty bad job on me. And I know she has not really listened to my wants or concerns. This entire experience has been devastating and confusing….

She is a nice person, but not at all what she sells herself as. Please do not seek reconstructive surgery with Dr. Horton.

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6 reviews on Karen M Horton

  1. Not trustworthy and still using an antiquated, proven problematic technique to reconstruct post mastectomy breasts.

    She was one of the surgeons who totally botched me up in partnership with Dr. Loren Eskenazi…see my review of Dr. E and take note that Dr. Horton was the assistant. Not trustworthy and still using an antiquated, proven problematic technique to reconstruct post mastectomy breasts.

    Had multiple operations with their practice after the initial one…still trying to get it corrected and most surgeons refused to touch me because my case was so difficult to correct; all agreed huge mistake on part of these two surgeons’ questionable method.

  2. I was completely dissatisfied with her work and she refused to perform another correction

    I had an unpleasant experience with Dr. Karen Horton that began in when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She seemed very caring and knowledgeable, the office staff was kind, especially Mary, the office manager. She convinced me the best way to go was to have immediate reconstruction with expanders.

    I developed a severe infection 3 weeks after the first surgery, had to go back in for another surgery to debride the wound and 2 days of IV antibiotics. On the right side she put a saline implant that was much lower that the mastectomy side.

  3. I've spent so much time, tears and money.

    I really wanted to avoid about Dr. Horton but I feel I owe it to her and other ladies out there to voice out my experience. I have talked to her about how extremely disappointed I was/am with my surgeries with her. I hope my experience would help her become a better, more careful surgeon.

    Yes, she seems very very nice. She’s got a great personality and she was definitely easy to talk to which makes most women like me gravitate towards her since this is a very personal procedure. But my breasts were butchered to a point where so far I’m still in the process of having them fixed four years and two other expensive surgeries later. I’ve spent so much time, tears and money.

  4. You seem so nice, but you lied to my face in this kind of matter and that is pretty disturbing!

    i gonna put my letter i send to karen horten out here for my review, because it includes most of my experience i had and how i feel…………….i thought a long time to put the review out here, it was a difficult decision… i would rather write about some positive results, but i still have problems every day so i thought it’s important……….To: K. Horton

    I am really not happy at all with any of the results of the surgery and I do not appreciate you are lying in the medical report that I am happy about the symmetry of the breast, where in fact I was pointing out the asymmetry. The cup size of the breast is also a full b cup instead an normal a cup,

    (which in the pre consulting appointment I mention the importance to me about not to wear a bra, because of my neck and shoulder pain). My left breast is bigger than the right one and the vertical scar is pretty split on the lower end.

  5. I'm usually very low key and don't write reviews, however, Dr. Karen Horton has exceeded all my expectations so I had to write one.

    I’m usually very low key and don’t write reviews, however, Dr. Karen Horton has exceeded all my expectations so I had to write one. From my first initial visit with her I loved her energy, her sincerity, and attentiveness to my needs. Now post op she has not only given me great results but continues to show just as much concern and care, more than I’ve ever had with any Doctor.

    You can contact her with any questions or concerns and she will email or text you back with answers. It is a great feeling to know she is there for you and you don’t have to leave a message with office staff or go through a answering service like I’m use to at most places. You will not be disappointed and truly in the best of care with Dr. Horton. An added bonus is how nice and efficient her office staff is too!

  6. Dr. Horton is wonderful!

    Dr. Horton is wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to go above and beyond – every visit to the office is a positive experience thanks to Dr. Horton and her wonderful Team. They really make an extra effort to listen – and are all friendly, thoughtful and committed to getting fantastic results! Cheers and thanks again!!

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