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Less-than-Satisfactory bodywork

I frequent Asian spas weekly for the excellent deep tissue massages and have tried many spa massages in New York, Hawaii, LA, SF, and overseas. I chose Kabuki because of the great reviews but unfortunately it was not an upscale experience. My boyfriend and I requested deep tissue massages but received very mediocre, less-than-satisfactory bodywork. I feel like we wasted our time here. Spent over $250 for the hour, which we have happily spent at other spas for tissue kneading and tension release, but unfortunately that’s not what was offered at Kabuki.

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13 reviews on Kabuki Springs & Spa

  1. I would never go back.

    I’ve gone to spas for and the Kabuki experience has me disappointed. The massage was the best part but still not worthy of five stars. The lady was nice, but it wasn’t a relaxing environment. I heard people talking outside the door, (employees), instead of soothing music.

    The salt-glo room was dark and gloomy. I almost froze to death after being washed like a slab of meat on that table vs. going to shower off the salts. Last was the facial. It was the worst facial I’ve ever had! I had to keep from laughing in disbelief. I would never go back.

  2. Would not recommend to others.

    This 50 min weekend massage was nothing close to relaxing. The massage therapist used abrupt pounding motions. Little oil was used. When I asked for a deeper flow of motions, nothing changed. This was a big let down, as I thought the Kabuki was high quality. Would not recommend to others.

  3. My friend and I really wanted to go to your sauna.

    My friend and I really wanted to go to your sauna. We planned this trip for weeks (it is not easy for us since we have small kids). We showed up in the sauna today around six and let the register know that this is our first trip to this sauna.

    The lady and a man at the register made us wait one hour and twenty minutes. We reminded them several times and asked if we can go for a bite and come back but we were told that we’d loose our turn. Every fifteen minutes we were told we were next. Finally, when it was our turn three people came from the street and were let in before us.

  4. very poor service

    phone wait ….if you like to stay on hold ,you’ll love these guys. great at empty email excuses but no actio do you like elevator music when on hold?
    very poor service

  5. Don't go here.

    I had a massage with a dark skinned man with a thick accent (Gomo?) and he tried to have sex with me. Don’t go here.

  6. I would never go back to Kabuki again.

    I was so looking forward to my Shiatzu massage that I had called and scheduled earlier in the day. The woman who took my reservation and I had a brief discussion about Shiatzu and she told me that the only Shitzu appt. available that day was at 9PM, so I booked it.

    When I arrived at the Kabuki for my appointment, I was told that I was booked for a Swedish massage and that there were no shiatzu massages available.

    There was no apology, just insistance that there was no shiatzu available. I was tempted to just leave, but but since I was there already and now increasingly upset, I agreed to settle for the swedish. They offered to let me use the pools on them. I am not a clean freak, and maybe it was because it was at the end of the day, but I have to say that the pool area was disgusting.

  7. The complete lack of sophistication is puzzling until you consider the source.

    What a shame. This use to be a classic Japanese spa, but it’s been turned into “th’ tubs”, complete with steely-eyed monitors. The complete lack of sophistication is puzzling until you consider the source.

  8. I was leaving the spa more stressed out than when I came in.

    Many years ago, there was a nice cozy feeling about this place, the unhurried massage, the comfortable steam rooms that were NOT packed with people, the cleanliness, the quiet. I liked it.

    Not anymore. The place is packed, everyone checking everyone out, the massages I’ve gotten here lately were rushed and the therapists just didn’t seem into it. The place became an industry, as opposed to the way it was before – a nice place to relax and not worry that someone next to you is eyeing you.

  9. Wow, not good.

    Wow, not good. My friend and I were desparate for some TLC so decided to spring for a massage. They only had someone available who did Shiatsu so I said OK. The room was so small that there was no extended face place so I had to turn my head the whole time.

    This woman beat the crap out of me and no matter how many times I said “not so hard” she just kept beating me up. I left feeling much worse than when I came in. Lose that tiny room where the bed had to be at an angle and you see everyone walking by the wavy glass…..not relaxing.

  10. I'll never go backand I'll warn others.

    The snarmy attitude at the front desk is TYPICAL San Francisco. Sadly, my gifted massage was as “average” as I’ve been reading about. Totally un-memorable, with ridiculously cliche new age music playing, etc.

    To top it all off, I went on a women’s only day so there was no locker/shower cooldown, just a brisk walk to the door and nobody asked me if I wanted my parking validated.

  11. The Kabuki Springs & Spa is loosing my business as well as my referral.

    I had been anticipating my message and acupuncture treatment for months. I showed up on time to find that they had switched my reservation to another treatment and penalized me for the time it took them to figure it out. By the time I was in the room, ten minutes had passed and the clock had started.

    The entire treatment felt rushed and stressful; it was 20% shorter than I had signed up for. My life is rushed as it is. The last thing I want is for my relaxing moments to feel stressful as well.

  12. Great place for relaxing.

    Great place for relaxing. Nice atmosphere and decor. Qualified staff.

  13. I just hope you don't mind too many people in your space.

    I went here with my boyfriend on a Tuesday when it’s open to both men and women. It’s a great space! I love the steam room. They provide cucumbers, iced wash cloths and salt to scrub your body. The only thing that bothered me was the crowd.

    Bath time is kind of private time for me and I felt like there were so many people watching you. I am sure it’s not always as busy there and maybe I would enjoy just women day better. Overall it’s a great place. I just hope you don’t mind too many people in your space.

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