she created a burn mark near my eye

I really wanted to give her a good review since she seems really nice.However, my skin is worse than ever. I have a few acne and acne scars when i went to see her, she recommended doing high frequency treatment and chemical peel so I chose 3 treatments since that’s what she said would take to show results.

First treatment, she explained a lot on what to use for my skin and did high frequency on a few spots. The burn marks she did was oozing and looked extremely gross when I got home. So I texted her and was really concerned, she told me to go see her again the very next day so I drove 30 minutes each way to go see her and all she did was talked to me and reassured me it’ll be ok later.

I thought she was going to apply aloe or something to sooth my skin but instead i drove 30 minutes for some pep talk.Second treatment she spent less than 20 minutes on me and was done, felt that I was getting ripped off.Third treatment she did the same things as first treatment.

Results: I have dark scars all over my face, there is a spot on my chin that she burned looked like there is a permanent zit there but its actually a scar tissue that healed improperly.**I spoke to 2 dermatologists and they all said that she used something called “Fulguration Electrode” which was used for warts and moles back in the day!!

It was never meant to be used for acnes! I contacted her again and she kept saying they’re wrong and she used to work for doctors.**Hopefully this will never happen to anyone else, I have scar tissues that is visible and bumpy on my chin now at the exact spots she burned.

Also, she created a burn mark near my eye and was trying to say that it was already there, i had NO marks there prior to seeing her and when I went home my wife was shocked that I had so many burn marks. I had to tell her that it’ll heal and its fine but I should’ve listened to her and never went back for all 3 treatments (Which was close to $300.00).

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Las Vegas 89117 NV US
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Reported Loss :300 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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