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JT is cunning and a liar

This was the worst day ever. I should quote it to be the hell of a day. This man named JT Foxx who brags about his unlimited powers and expertise to make you millionaire in no time is nothing more than an idiot. Every big step takes time and perseverance. Nothing can be achieved with the snap of the fingers. But, JT makes it sound like that in Mega Speaker.

This was the first turnoff while I was listening to him. I understand that for few things are simpler than others, but not effortless. And, according to him, there is no big deal in becoming a millionaire. If this is true, why is he going places to places begging for selling his products?

This guy does not look into your eyes. He is completely fake and knows that experienced people will catch his other untruthful side. Moving on, I feel he has done a great job with the photoshop. I am in the advertising industry and by the look of the images I can tell is those are photoshopped or not. In his case, they all were fake like him.

Later, in the free seminar, he would talk about unrealistic ways for getting rich. He is, no doubt, selling illusions. Starting with his attitude, to his keynotes, to his presentation, everything sucks. He is the king for those who are desperate for getting hands on the unlimited treasure. That is the reason why few people trust him.

The free seminar becomes highly expensive for those who decide to pay for his products. The products that are worthless and have no value for the money he charges. I met someone in the seminar and he told me that he was too scammed by this guy. He purchased the branding program with JT Foxx and all he got was a 20 minutes facetime with this guy who talked about useless tricks that are available everywhere.

That guy wanted to get hold of him and couldn’t. That was the reason he came to ask for the refund at the free seminar which was scheduled in his city. It was really heart breaking. He said that he also tried contacting this person many times, but never get through his voice mails.

That feedback was enough to make me more confident about my inference about this man. He is a tricky person. He is arrogant and disrespectful. More than his techniques for success, he as a person suck.

I have been at many free seminars and have gained some or the other thing. But, this guy only talks about his achievements and tries to find a reason to insult others. You will feel worthless sitting in front of him and the reason is: You do not earn a million dollar.

How stupid is that? JT Foxx is a liar and the biggest scammer presenting himself as the inspirational speaker. I believe that everyone should point out his incapability and incompetency by coming together and writing against him. He should not be given entries in hotels where he performs these acts of fraud. He should be treated like any other scammer in the room.

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  1. JT Foxx is a Fraud

    I first heard of him via a ad on Facebook. He was giving a free seminar at a local hotel nearby. I signed up. This guy is a fraud. He calls himself the #1 Business Coach and the “underdog millionare.” He is full of hot air. He is looking for people to scam thousands of dollars out of.

Approved Date:June 12, 2018
Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : ruth
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