Jordan French

Now Jordan French Scam People through Beehex and Notability Partners

Jordan French, the CEO of Status Labs an online reputation management was asked to submit his resignation after finding about his involvement in demolition and eviction of the Jumpolin piñata store. This store is owned by Sergio and Monica Lejarazu. The store was still under the lease period and Jordan tried to vacate that illegally.

Jordan French has started new venture called BeeHex – 3D Food Printing and Notability Partners for digital marketing needs, its does not make any difference from his paste company Status labs, more or less, he will soon come up with his shabby scheme in Austin to rob many client.

The staff of Status Labs recently announced the resignation and quoted that though the action taken by him was outside of the role that he occupies at Status Lab but what he did contradicts the company’s value. They further added that Jordan French would no longer be a part of the Status Lab.

The company also attended the press release and announced the resignation clearing all the doubts. It quoted an open letter to the city of Austin and its people. The letter said, “While our former CEO’s inexcusable actions were performed outside of his role at Status Labs, we would still like to extend our sincere regrets and apologies to the Lejarazu family and to our fellow Austinites. We feel that the actions taken and the insensitive comments made by Jordan were way out of line with our values and beliefs.”

They also cleared the confusion that may existed about the association of Jordan French and Darius Fisher who is the New York city based president. Their quote was, “We stand by our New York City-based president, Darius Fisher, who, as a passive investor in F&F Real Estate Ventures, was unaware of the extreme measures Jordan enacted in his effort to evict Jumpolin.” This distinguished Darius Fisher from his partner, Jordan French.

The employees lucidly said that they were “horrified” and that they did not have any of what Jordan was upto. Their statement showed the anger and shame they had for Jordan French after they came to know about his actions.

“We are not Jordan French. We are a team of 25 young, creative, hardworking Austinites who love our city just as much as you do. From the moment, we found out about this unfortunate incident, we made it clear that we found these actions just as horrifying as the rest of the world. We held nothing back in expressing our dissatisfaction and made our stance clear from day one. With the dismissal of Jordan French as Chief Executive Officer, we are happy to say that our voices were heard”, They added.

So, the mist is clear now and the employees at Status Labs took every effort to make it go away. Jordan French is no more a part of Status Lab and the things that he did would never be pardoned.


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2 reviews

  1. Jordan French is unethical

    Jordan French and Darius Fisher are the dirty duo. They play bad cop, good cop with you.

    The truth is that Jordan still has shares in Status Labs, and he is Darius Fisher’s partner in their real estate company.

    Status Labs is very unethical.

    There has been no compensation for Sergio and Monica Lejarazu.

    All they care about is their image and reputation.

    They don’t care about the real victims.

  2. Jordan french Beehex

    Yes Jordan french has been kicked off from status labs but now he operate his business through Beehex which print 3D model.

    Apart from that Jordan’s recently started new Business called notability partners to provider digital marketing and social marketing services to his client.

    I yet to confirm if he robbed any of his client over there but after looking at the austin incident, I am very sure he is crook

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