Jonathan Jeff

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Jonathan Dean Jeff is evil. He has admitted to killing both of his ex girlfriend pets. He had bang his ex girlfriend dog to the sidewalk and as well as shot and kill his other ex girlfriend cat in her yard. He has a history with domestic violence.

He has hit and rape his ex girlfriend which he got off being part of the NOPD. He used his power to get himself out of things. Jonathan is well known stalker to catfish his exes to harassed and threatened them to not move on with someone new.

He is the type of person if he doesn’t want you then you’re not allowed to move on until he damage and torture you. He lock his ex girlfriend up because she caught him with a man in her bed and she threatened to expose him to his family and friends. He also likes if you fuck him with. Strapped on because he says he likes it in the butt.

I say say away from him because he known to cheat and abuse the women he dates with men. He even cross dresses in women’s clothing’s sometimes. He is known to steal out of people’s homes. He has set up his ex fiancée to be rob out of home over 75 grand.

He hired some of the men from NOPD and gangsters from the roughest hoods in New Orleans to set her up. He really has treated his ex fiancée and exes like dirt. Karma is a bitch and I hope someone who does Voodoo can put a spell under him for making his ex life a living hell. He won’t stop harassing her no matter what she does to protect herself. Jonathan is a sick fuck.

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New Orleans LA US
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Reported Loss :75000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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