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Scammer John Ewans Design and Active Tools

John Fryan Ewans of John Ewans Design (JED Developments Limited) is a SCAMMER and told me they would make a prototype and I gave him all the specifications and they charged me £1000’s in advance which I paid in good faith.

He is a man of about 60 odd years old and presents himself as well spoken and honest. Don’t be fooled. His company do not keep to the Non Disclosure Agreement he signed this man is just dishonest, plain and simple dishonest. HE EVEN PROVIDED A FORGED VIDEO OF THE PROTOTYPE.

John Fryan Ewans became very abusive I think he is dominant/emotional gay when the prototype was months overdue and he made excuse after excuse but in reality just deceived me and took my money. We are a startup and for us this hurts and he just did not care and made no effort.

He did not bother to produce what was agreed so the prototype was useless. By this time they had taken 75% of the fee in his SCAM.

John Fryan Ewans is JUST ABOUT STAYING IN BUSINESS 1 company a loss making company that claims to have been running since 2002 on their website Companies House makes interesting reading.

John Fryan Ewans runs 2 companies 1 company John Fryan Ewans runs is losing money in both of the last 2 years and is called Active Tools Limited Company No 04644151 lost around £100,000 in 2015 and around ANOTHER £100,000 in 2016 and the 2nd company John Ewans Design Jed Developments Limited 03296879 made over £100,000 in each of the last two years.

I worry that they might go BANKRUPT if 1 company is supporting the other.

Avoid John Fryan Ewans AT ALL COSTS as he has no pride in completing the work, dishonest in sending forged movies and does not keep to the NDA he signed he says he can design and it appears obvious now when he told me he is not big on contracts or paperwork he knew he was a SCAMMER from the start by taking money in advance.

The finances are very risky they can be seen at click on the links for the figures. He claims to have been in business for so long if he is not making money now maybe he is snatching any money he can before going bankrupt.

John Fryan Ewans is a SCAMMER!

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Reported Loss :60000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : kappa.gamma
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