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Jim Piccolo Scam People through Tecademics

Jim Piccolo from tecademics, a great entrepreneur and a reason behind many successful ventures, has done a great part in creating illusion among people. If you will turn back few pages of his life, you would be able to understand his true intentions. Being a sober godfather wasn’t easy for him, as he had to hide a lot of him behind his genuine face. Like many other entrepreneurs who crave for success only for themselves, Jim Piccolo places his goals in the same direction. Either Nouveau Riche or Bizzibiz, he used all these companies for his own good. Once, the intention was served, he let those ventures sink with millions of aspirations of individuals connected to them. He never showed any empathy for those who lost hopes as well as their hard-earned money after these companies were shut down or given away.

Jim Piccolo is a selfish man who cares about his popularity and profit above all. He cheated his own people and investors and faked his bankruptcy to get away with it. He knows the tactics and utilizes it very well. Ever since, he started to look out for opportunities, he took an oath to do whatever it takes for making easy money, even if it costed his morality. He contributed his ideas into MLM industries to find the easy route to success, which would have been fine, but he chose to scam people to become richer with every initiative he took. He has got great presentation skills and sugar coats his lies to win hearts of people. There are many instances to prove that he is a con artist and not an entrepreneur.

Jim Piccolo is associated with ventures which made a lot of fuss while they took off, but all ended suddenly without giving everyone else a chance to come out unharmed. The controversies do not surround him, he invites them.

Jim Piccolo has criminal history as well. Jim Piccolo, when found guilty of robbing his own girlfriend’s car, was charged in front of the court. Although, he denies the fact now, he admitted then that he abandoned the car in the forest, so that the insurance could have been claimed. After a short while, the felony was termed down to misdemeanour, giving Jim Piccolo a green signal from the court room.

Jim Piccolo is shrewd and utilizes his uncanny abilities to dig profit from every other opportunity coming his way.

The slow death of Nouveau Riche : While trying to find the loop holes, I got to discover a lot of facts that clearly measures the efficiency of Jim Piccolo as a scammer. History says it all. Jim Piccolo’s Nouveau Riche was given a lot of limelight, when it put his feet on ground. However, after a lot of people started investing in this venture, the goals of the company changed. It was no longer an initiative to help people get on their feet with Real Estate business. But, it became a hub to distract people and lure them for bringing more prospective clients into the vicious circle.

The company was sued for defrauding its investors and soon it filed for bankruptcy. Don’t you think it was a great move to leave behind the past without paying for the mistakes. Jim Piccolo, who started this company with his wife and friend, knew what was around the corner and he was prepared. However, the people who trusted it, had to leave hopeless. While planning to expand the territories of Nouveau Riche, Jim Piccolo showed a lot of dreams to his students and then ran away without an explanation.

The same fate for Bizzibiz : There were lots of online marketing and interviews done, before the launch of Bizzibiz. There were buzz around the country and people were interested in knowing more about this concept. They were also excited about the franchise. But, the company could not get the expected start as well. Since inception, the company got into unexpected troubles that were not counted before and met the same fate.

In February, Jim Piccolo and his old partners were charged for defrauding 105 investors. The scam was accomplished via an unregistered real estate scheme. For this fraud, the Arizona Corporations Commission announced a fine of nearly $6 Million in restitution.

While mentioning about the rapid online growth, Jim Piccolo forgot to do the job at hand with perfection. He flaunted about the vast online presence, but there was nothing done in terms of that with the company’s own website.

Soon after its operation started, the bankruptcy was filed. However, the case was dismissed on the grounds of negligence and irresponsibility. So, all the hard work and hopes went for a toss. It did not take much time to shift the blame of incompetency to the other people associated with the company.

Jim Piccolo, known for making steep start, get to the bottom that quickly as well. I have a very different understanding of serial entrepreneurs which do not match the graph of Jim Piccolo. Instead of establishing a business and shifting to another one, he gives up on one and starts hunting for another.

A hidden player for REWW : It was a no Brainer to eliminate Jim Piccolo from advertising about Real Estate Worldwide after back to back failures. While Kent Clothier Jr. became the marketing face of the company, Jim Piccolo remain behind the scene, directing most of the advancements of the company. Is there a reason, why someone with such a great people connection, stayed detached with this venture? I think it was obvious.

There was no plan for the company to disclose Jim Piccolo’s name as it did not want to attract negative advertisement. Jim Piccolo, the MLM guru and mind behind many unsuccessful yet profitable ventures, decided to play his cards, staying behind. However, a lot of people working for Nouveau Riche and many other connections got involved making his association clear.

The company planned to become a sales support for Memphis Invest. Real estate concierge experience coupled with MLM network marketing expertise, Jim Piccolo was given the honour to design the structure of the company. The company’s MLM structure was built is such a way that the investors got much less in commission, as expected. So, this time, Jim Piccolo was all set for creating fake impression.

This venture also did not make much of a mark in long term. The structure typically required higher hand-holding than is required for an experienced investor. This became a road block for many aspiring investors and they ended up soaking their hands in dirt.

Jim Piccolo, no doubt, nailed the business acumen, but never was able to make a big difference, definitely in a good way. His planning never concerned anyone else other than himself. His profit-making strategies, neglected the basic courtesy that businesses are held responsible for. Jim Piccolo could have done much better, if he would have tried to grow together.

Jim Piccolo is not a true business man, he is a con artist and a liar, who mocks people for getting on top. He finds it alluring to scam people and more likely, it seems fun to him. Neither he has ever taken charge of the failures, nor has he tried to mend them for better.

Jim Piccolo takes the easy way out of every situation that is not at all a trait of true entrepreneur. He might be famous, but I do not consider him successful. He has made blunders and he should be held responsible for it.

I believe, with success, responsibility comes handy. If anyone wants to become successful, he should be ready to take up the responsibility with full acceptance. This was not the case with Jim Piccolo and I deem that he is not worthy of all the limelight he has been getting, since date.

Many, who have worked with Jim Piccolo closely, would know what he wants. But others, they still feel that his intentions were never bad, although he did not do as promised. Jim Piccolo, being great at convincing others, moves forward by gaining trust and showing big dreams. For sure, the dreams that he shows, are accessible, given that, he has the intention of getting them there.

His ventures have only aimed at recruiting more numbers rather than providing results. He abandoned his companies when people needed him. He made frauds that costed many their lives savings. He made mistakes that were irreversible.

If you ever come across his ventures, try to dig deeper before you get yourself into any trouble. He is not the one with whom you can flourish. He can take away whatever you have earned till date. Beware of this scammer who calls himself a serial entrepreneur.


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    some one has finally posted about long time scammer, Tecademics will soon comes to an end.

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