Jason/Tricha Davis

Eastern Cincinnati's no. 1 coward duo afraid to go away

Eastern Cincinnati’s manipulative and narcissistic duo with some of the most extreme sociopathic tendencies to where they want things done their way; a way that went against the social culture and good morality of the human kind in the world given to us by the gift of life as these two terrible human beings remain stuck in a delusional life filled with drugs, crimes, and toxic personalities.  Direct verbal insults and homophobic slurs toward the innocent because they choose to live the ethically right way and these two choose to take advantage of the social media era by hiding behind mobile devices, removing comments and messages left and right to make themselves look innocent when they’re proven to be not regardless of what they do.  Proven naturally unfit for today’s society because of the lack of goodwill inside of them to do the right thing while investing in a social facade where they can mask their callousness, and show no emphaty to others because they feel they’re always right while getting remorselessly vindicative when they feel challenged or abused behind social media and mobile devices, and are extremely egotistical and believe they are above humanity when the fact is they truly aren’t, while blatantly refusing to accept accountability for their own actions because they lack the adequate character and morals to do so.



Both are afrad to jump off the roof of a 5 story building and land face first on a parking lot as a result.

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Cincinnati OH US
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