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Pain and Problems

I won’t make this long and drawn out, I just want to shed light to those considering having Eshima do their surgery.
He did my open rhinoplasty 12 years ago. During my followup appointments I commented on my nose being crooked. He said it was just the swelling and it would even out and proceeded to give me steroid injections in my nose to help the process. I shared my concerns for 1.5 yeas about the crookedness and kept getting the same response- to wait. Then, 2 years hit and when I complained again and asked for it to be fixed because ample time had gone by for it to set, he said it had been too long since the surgery and there was nothing he could do unless I paid again for ‘an additional procedure.’ Today, I have a stud nose piercing on my right side to offset the crookedness.
Over the past 2 yeas I have noticed nubs forming at the bridge of my nose and have been having sensitivity and now pressure (like someone is pushing on it). I went to see a doctor and he said the graft that Eshima took from behind my ear to create a new bridge had separated and is crumbling inside of my nose. He said if a plastic surgeon says that’s their way of doing rhinoplasties, to run. It may last for a short period of time but over time it will come undone and cause pain and problems.

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