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I never received my return.

DO NOT EVER GO HERE!!! Let me tell you my experience thus far. I filed my taxes with IQ taxes last year. I missed the previous year so I filed for that too.I paid over $300 for both.For 2015, I only received $800 return!!! I have received more with HR block and paying $75 to file!

For 2014, I never received my return.In January this year, I called IQ taxes to notify them that I had still not received my return for 2014. I was told I needed to file an 8821 so that IQ taxes could speak on my behalf to the IRS.Okay.

I was sent a form from David Ghazaryan. I sent it back the same day.A month goes by and I hear nothing. I wrote David Ghazaryan 3 times via email asking about a follow up and 3 times I received NO response!I call. I was told I would receive a call back. I never did.I call 3 times over the next MONTH. So now TWO months has gone by and THREE emails!!!

The 4th time I call, I speak to a receptionist. She tells me again that I will receive a call back. I tell her it has been TWO months since this first occurred. And I ask her why? Do you know what she says?? She tells me that they have just been busy with clients for tax season.

I about LOST it! I said to her, “so you are telling me that you guys have just been too busy for me?” She quickly back tracks and denied that that’s what she said. I told her that is not a justifiable excuse and I DEMAND a phone call back That day.

Sure enough, I got a phone call back from a woman named Kristal.I missed her call because I was at work. I eventually called Kristal back today. I get on the phone with (Ally?)… and she puts me on hold for 5 mins.

She comes back on and asks if it is about the “email we sent”… very vague and I can tell she is clueless about what is going on with me. I tell her that the question she is asking me was already asked and that all I need is to speak with Kristal who’s call I missed.

She puts me on hold again.Comes back 11 minutes later and tells me that Kristal is currently with a client and says, “I believe she will call you back when she is done.” I said, “you believe, or she will?” She says, “I believe”. I laughed and said, “Listen, I need a guarantee. This has been an ongoing issue.”

She gets snippy and says, “okay! Hold on just a second” and puts me on hold! Again!!!!I then waited for another 22 minutes and was hung up on once.I waited so long that the 4th time I was on hold I hung up and called back. Ally answers… she immediately asks if she can put me on hold. I said, “NO! You cannot put me on hold.

I was just on hold for 22 minutes! I need a guarantee that Kristal will call me back!”She says, “I will have her call you back.” Holy f***!!!!!! Because she could not say that the 30 minutes ago??? I am as of now, STILL waiting for a call back and an update on my return for 2014.

I will NEVER, NEVER go to this place again and will tell absolutely EVERYONE I know to stay away from here! I am livid! It has been 3 months and they are completely incapable of handling me professionally or courteously.

Please take your money and business elsewhere and do not go to IQ taxes!! UPDATE**** 4/1/17: Two days after I was promised that call back from Kristal by Ally, (that I, of course, did not receive), I called back yesterday and asked to speak to a “supervisor”.

Guess who gets on the phone? That ol’ Kristal! :DGuess who got cussed out? Betcha By Golly Gosh… Kristal! 😀 Why? Because she gave me an update. The update? No one had called the IRS yet on my behalf. Yay.

Miss ball-of-joy-Kristal, even had the audacity to patronizingly ask me why I, had not scheduled a meeting sooner. That’s right. Kristal asked the customer why they had not been more pro-active.

(Because apparently, harassing them over a course of 3 months and 3 emails and endless run-arounds, was just NOT action enough for miss simpleton Kristal).All sarcasm aside guys, if you don’t want to be enraged by how incapable this company is of performing such an elementary task as my case called for,

please, please let my fury be your warning to stay away from the mess and unprofessionalism that is IQ taxes. I wrote Mr David Gazharayan a “nice” little email too and can you believe that it only took me acting crazy for him to respond and act nice? Seriously,

it should never go this far and these people are too uncivilized to handle something as stressful and complicated as taxes.

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8 reviews on iQTAXX Tax Services

  1. iQTAXX Tax Services Las Vegas Is Scammer

    They rushed me and the guy with the glass acts like he is a mob boss. I am afraid that they have my social security numbers and other personal information.

    Please be ware of this firm. Go to any other firm but this one. I should have seen a video before i went there. Apparently he was spitting on some other customers. I dont get how some people give this people star. I wonder that if they are paid trolls.

  2. This place is absolutely the worst.

    This place is absolutely the worst. The act like bunch of thugs and I have a video to prove it. I only wish that I can upload that video. I went to get my tax file with them and one of the worst experience. First of all, we waited longer than 45 minutes even though we had an appointment.

    Lizeth prolly handles more customer than she should. She started to scream and yelled at me just because i forgot to email her a document. I am paying for her service and it her job to work. I tried to resolve the matter and she refused to work and told me get out of her office.

  3. I hope several less to anyone who heads my advice!

    Showed up in advance. Early morning appointment and office not busy yet. Just one other client. Had to wait 20 minutes past appointment time to be assisted. I was glad I could sit down and talk to someone rather than just dropping my documents like so many places.

    It seemed more like data entry and “here you go” – “on to the next.” Didn’t take time to fully research my questions and give me decent answers.

  4. I don't think he has fair enough knowledge about taxes.

    dissatisfied with the service! unfortunately it is a hassle to get a hold of David and ask some questions about your taxes. Plus, I don’t think he has fair enough knowledge about taxes.

  5. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family. 🙂

    I was searching for the right tax company to help file my taxes and came across this company. I was a little stand-offish due to some of the reviews, but I decided to give them a try because I was so tired of going to the same ol H&R Block and having someone with little to no experience file my taxes. I was so happy I did!

    Not only did Krystal help me gather my previous tax statements, she also helped me sort through my “box of craziness” and helped me maximize my refund. She is very knowledgeable and patience lol. Another plus is you work with the same person every year so you don’t have to keep repeating your life story to someone new. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family. 🙂

  6. I'll be back next year. Thanks, Tim.

    This was my first year with iQTAXX services. They were able to get me an appointment last minute. I recommend Tim. He was able to file my refunds quickly, professionally and courteously. I’ll be back next year. Thanks, Tim.

  7. They are open late which is very convenient Good luck!

    Spartak prepared our taxes this year. We were very satisfied with his service. He seemed very knowledgeable about everything. He was very patient and funny. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good tax man. For a $50 discount on your tax preparation tell them Laszlo referred you. They are open late which is very convenient Good luck!

  8. I would highly recommend going here to get your taxes done.

    I would highly recommend going here to get your taxes done. David was very proffessional, and kind. He did everything to make sure I was going to receive every penny I could. He ended up getting me another 2 grand. He also joked with me and answered all my annoying questions.

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