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the retail end ofthe operation

FIrst let me say… I love Dr Edna Lee. She was so thorough and really informed me well on the health of my eyes.

My complaint is with the retail end of the operation. It felt rushed, impersonal, and rude. The woman who helped me was named Lisa.  I told her I had VSP and the next thing I know I was a second class citizen. She stopped showing me frames and went to talk to het coworker. (giggling in the process made me fell ridiculed BTW) when I asked her to show me some more frames she acted like I was interrupting her. I heard her say to her fellow coworker, “he’s only another vsp patient” what does that mean? Because I am not paying cash, I am not worthy?  I am sorry the rating is not higher because the Dr. was truly excellent. But, I did not walk out of here feeling good.

See the Dr. and buy your glasses elsewhere!

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6 reviews on Invision Optometry

  1. save yourself the drama!

    They have messed up three out of four contact lens and frame orders for me. Then they proceed to act like I am being impatient or something. Mia is actually the worst. All I can say is, she seems a bit fake to me, really in your face helpful, then when sale is finished, or she knows there isnt going to be one, she moves on.

    Kinda makes you think either there is a quota she must make, or some kind of bonus in it for her. Dr. Lee wouldn’t do that though, she is to nice!!! get your eye exam here, and glasses else where, save yourself the drama!

  2. My negative experience with their non-competitive pricing has led me elsewhere for my eyewear purchase...

    After I get the assistance to search for a basic frame, I was informed that my glasses w/ VSP would cost 2-3 times more that what I would pay at other optometry. They seem overpriced here. I don’t understand how a pair of glasses can cost so much with VSP.

    How can someone afford without insurance. I came to find out that I save a lot more purchasing the same pair of glasses from another store in San Francisco.

  3. Do not waste your time or money at Invision Optometry.

    Do not waste your time or money at Invision Optometry. If you want professional service, then you will not find it at this place. I have been to many eye docs, but this is the worst of them all. I had a horrible experience here. Lisa, the manager, has the personality of the wicked witch.

    She has the worst attitude for a manager. I made a complaint and she totally blew me off, cut me off short. And the irony to this is that Invision Optometry made a mistake on my order. They didn’t even apologize. In fact, they charged me more.

  4. The service is horrible.

    The service is horrible. Anna, one of the workers, thinks her Paris Hilton portrayal is cute, but it is very annoying. She didn’t even take the right order. She messed up my order which delayed everything.
    If you want professional service, then go to LensCrafter or Glitter Optics. They have a great return policy and they take responsibility for their mistakes.

  5. I love the outstanding service and the quality of the eyewear at Invision.

    I love the outstanding service and the quality of the eyewear at Invision. Ines helped me to choose the PERFECT frame for my face and vision needs. She presented me with many frames and in the end, it was the first one that she choose for me, to be the absolute best. I love the feel and look of the frames, and have received many complements.

  6. I highly recommend Invision Optometry!

    For the past 14 years my family and I have had our eyes examined by Doctors Clifford or Edna Lee. Regardless of which doctor we see, we consistently receive impeccable service. Upon my most recent visit,

    Dr Clifford Lee performed an in-depth examination and gave a fascinating explanation of the health of my eyes. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The store carries great frames. I highly recommend Invision Optometry!

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