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Jim Fink with his is cheating his customers

When I contacted Investing Daily, I was sure of getting some leads. The mails from Jim Fink suggested that they provide one lead every day. This is what I could make it up from investing daily’s email.

This was the first lie and a misleading message that staff members are forwarding to every individual. They want people to turn up and subscribe to their filthy deceitful email services.

I have been investing in stock market from a long time and when I know someone is making it up, it is not just a figment of my imagination. I do research before making a claim. I believe in gathering all sort of proofs before I allege someone for something wrong.

After getting a lot of information from the  investing daily’s personal finance and options for income reviews, I made the decision of contacting these Crooks. This gave them a hint of my interest into the stock market trading.

From there, the journey of bulk emails started. I was informed that the company provides one lead in a month, but the emails portrayed a different story. This was a great turn off for me.

Hence, I decided to call this off. They also pitched for free advice through mails. However, this was again a bait for getting prospects call them. This is a way to attract audiences and then lure them into signing up for premium accounts.

Investing Daily personal Finance advice is not at all great and there are lot of people who have lost their money. I won’t say that this is something out of the blue. This happens all the time. No one can give you guarantee for 100% success in this industry. But, what pissed me off is that praises about making everyone happy.

Do you think this is possible? If yes, why do not they make a fortune out of it themselves, instead of spreading that profits to others.

In addition, Jim Fink claims that his investment consulting can help make 30%+ profit in a year. This statement is highly overrated. Either, they do not consider bad trades or wait until the entire trade turns to profit with that kind of margin. What I have learnt from my experience, you do not need expensive course to learn about trading.

Every suggestion has a risk attached to it. Even, suggestions from successful investing firms carry a component of risk. Whosoever claims a trade to be risk free, is making a fool out of you. Like Investing Daily is doing.

I have tried few free suggestion of this company and have not made much out of it. They were just usual trends that you would get anywhere. I am sure, their premium service would have not much to share. If they do, why are they charging for assisting others.

You will find mixed reviews on the internet which suggests that they are not providing 100% profit trades because it is not possible at all.

Neither Investing daily options for income nor investing daily personal finance works. No doubt, Jim Fink has a lot other suggestion, up his sleeve, but are they for making his customers rich or for his own sake?

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6 reviews on Investing Daily

  1. Jim Fink No Good! Probably a Hoax

    Jim Fink is a not that great when it’s comes to investment advices.

    Better you contact any local and reputed investment advisor

  2. Investing Daily a Dishonest Company with lots of hoax around!

    Investing daily has lots of hoax in their team… Jim Fink is one of them and promise you stars in the day.

    I was very skeptical to invest in stock market trading… they have suggested some stock which led me 12% of gain in first month and that lured me into more investment opportunity and subscribed to premier.

    I would suggest anyone not to get into their premier subscription services or do not buy their ebooks.

    I have seen crooked for 10k+ and warning you to stay out of it.

    1. A call to these people is one insult after the other. Total Hoax. They have nothing!

  3. You're just wrong.

    I’ve been a member of Jim Fink’s Options for Income since August and recently renewed for an additional two years. This service is certainly meeting my expectations. There’s a small group of us in my retirement community that meet a couple of times each month to discuss our trades and learn from one another.

    Jim Fink is one of the few analysts that lists every single trade online whether they’ve been profitable or not.

  4. I’m neither a disgruntled ex-employee nor a client of Investing Daily; merely a potential customer who wanted some information before forking over money for one of their well-crafted promos “IncomeMillionaireProject”. I had asked a few brief, common-sense questions.
    I got NO response.
    I re-sent the questions.
    NO response.
    I did a bit of unbiased research on this company and its henchmen: Brenton Flynn and Ari Charney.
    My solid conclusion to ANYONE considering having anything to do with this company or these representatives?
    Run, don’t walk away from this organization UNLESS you want to give them your hard-earned money for NOTHING.

  5. Excellent

    I have been with Options for Income since January of 2018. Following Jims instructions I have made the two trades per week as listed. Out of the fifteen trades I’ve made to date, thirteen have made me money and other two Jim recommended to roll over which I did. In first two months I profited an average of twenty one hundred per month with Options for Income. Since then I added Velocity Trader and the first two trades in one week I profited $2,240 when executed. I have never herd Jim state they make money 100% of the time. I believe he quoted 84.75% average winning rate, which is exactly where I’m at. Very satisfied to date!!

  6. Excellent

    Been with Options for Income since January of 2018. Have had excellent profits with their recommendations. Recently joined Velocity Trader and made $2240 with first two trades in one week. Their quote is that they average 84.75% POS. I have found with my first sixteen trades that to be true. I have read may bad comments about Jim with out any facts to back them up. I believe their all just false opinions. I can not say I’ve had any problems with Options for Income or Velocity Trader at all.

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