Innovative Dentistry at South Lake Union

Bad Dentistry and Bad Customer service

At Innovative Dentistry at South Lake Union, a lot of incompetence going on, and in a dental practice, being nice doesn’t atone for bad dentistry and bad customer service. I’ll list my experiences below.

1. The person who does the insurance really screwed me over. Before I got work done, she investigated my plan and told me that I wouldn’t have much of an out of pocket cost. Well, she didn’t do her research because the exact opposite happened and I ended up owing around $700 out of pocket. This was an error she admitted making. But the response was, “I’m so sorry, but you still need to pay.”

2. I got 3 fillings with them. After 2 of them, I had a lot of discomfort, so I went back. The first one – they just had to do some more drilling – which I had to be numbed for. The second one – I was told they had to redo the filling. I have never heard of such a thing! I had to make another appointment, get numbed again, the whole shebang.

I was NOT happy about this, especially when their response was, “Yeah, this does happen sometimes.” Well, it’s never happened to me or anyone I know. And for all the noise ID makes about its quality/service, having to return TWICE for them to fix shoddy work does NOT reflect well.

3. That filling just fell out, and it’s only been about a year since I got it. So I have to now go get it filled for the THIRD TIME, obviously from another dentist because there’s no way I would ever set foot in ID again. I’m hoping there isn’t more extensive damage. In the meantime I’ve been chewing on one side and desperately trying not to get hot or cold liquid in the gaping hole in my tooth. Remember I paid $700 out of pocket for this.

4. When, after ALL of this hassle (mind you, that the employees in question openly admitted to creating), I inquired about them removing a piece of metal that was left behind on a tooth from an unrelated procedure. I figured they would do it for free because they’d screwed me over so badly on so many fronts, but they returned and said “That’s going to cost you $100.” $100 TO REMOVE A TINY PIECE OF METAL YOU COULD REMOVE IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES? AFTER WHAT YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH? How cheap and stingy. And very clearly not patient-concentric.

I honestly wasn’t ever going to give them a bad review, but now that my filling has fallen out, I feel a responsibility to let others know. This place really messed up my mouth and cost me lots of money and anguish because they’re either lazy, incompetent, or both.

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3 reviews on Innovative Dentistry at South Lake Union

  1. This place is amazing!

    This place is amazing! I call it a dentist spa. The doctors, hygienist and staff are so welcoming and knowledgeable. I’ve had enough dental work done in other places to know that this is one of the best dentist I’ve been.

    I was offered a warm neck pillow when I went in for a crown replacement. Dr. Tina Subherwal explained the process thoroughly and even called me the day after to see how I was doing.

  2. This dentist charges exorbitant rates

    This dentist charges exorbitant rates, and when I questioned some of the charges, the staff acted like I was a penny-pinching miser, or worse yet, a pauper for objecting to or questioning unnecessary dental work and charges. Because I wanted a second opinion after I sustained severe dental trauma and a referral from Dr. Berman would have expedited the process, he turned my request for a referral into an “ethical dilemma” and refused to help.

  3. I will not be going back there again.

    Like many others have pointed out, the worst thing about Innovative Dentistry is their hard sell techniques. They will pull out every stop, including scare tactics, to get you to perform tens of thousands of dollars worth of procedures. Procedures that two other dentists have told me were unnecessary, to say the least.

    They have a very nice environment, very pleasant stuff, and personally I cannot complain about the quality of their work, even though I don’t think the work was extraordinary, and I know a couple of people who had bad experiences. But their constant selling pitch is really not my cup of tea. I will not be going back there again.

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