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worst experience

I decided to wait a full year before making my review because I was told it could take a full year for the stemcells to work. I am a Dercums patient, out of all of my experiences with Doctors, my worst experience was with Dr. Malan. It was as if he didn’t even read my chart before our procedure. My appointment was at 8am, they didn’t take me to OR until noon.

While I was laying on the table exposed, his nurse was cleaning surgical instruments. She walked in and out of the room repeatedly and never changed her gloves. She told Malan that the liposuction machine gun wasn’t working right and that it needed to be switched out. Malan ignored her, of course this was a problem later in the procedure. Malan made a comment about someone Else’s grease being on the gun and that he was slipping all over the place. That’s when it was changed out. He and his nurse had an argument in front of me about how she wasn’t using the correct process on the stemcells.

He also chastised her for not removing my belly button ring, that stayed in during the procedure. I have EDS and Malan should know that it takes a long time for lidocaine to work but he didn’t and because he was in such a hurry to get on his plane and go to Australlia, I went without. He didn’t want to give me more because it would be a waste. I was so sick for weeks and weeks after the procedure. I was told that just a small amount of fat was going to be taken from my abdomen, this guy went up into my breasts and along my sides. I’m now lumpy and lop sided. Not only did his staff lie to me on multiple occasions but so did Malan.

They told me people don’t need to come back for second procedures and that if that ever happened he would question why it didn’t work and, wouldn’t do another procedure. 10k for a triple. Malan told me that he was going to give me shots of stem cells in my abdomen that would last for 2 years, he didn’t do this. He also told me that if I refused the study he wouldn’t do my surgery and I wouldn’t get a refund. They already had my money. I would never ever recommend this office or doctor to anyone. Ever.

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  1. Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center Is Scammer

    I paid a very large amount of money to have an extensive liposuction procedure (7 areas) on body as well as stem cell fat injection in my face.

    The 1 Star is ONLY for the fat injected into face. I had a slightly better look having done had that procedure.

    With regard to the huge amount of money wasted on liposuction … it was totally failure.

    Worst of all, at my 6 mos. appointment … I guess I wasn’t going to actually see Dr. Malan (which I find odd and disconcerting) but when I did he walked in and literally took 5 minutes to basically tell me that it is what it is.

    I really wish I could say good things, because that would mean that I had good results – sadly I cannot.

  2. Find a real plastic surgeon.

    Find a real plastic surgeon. Don’t buy his talk and the clean office, he can’t deliver what he states. The office staff is rude, the appearance of courtesy is a thin facade. Please, do your research and find a real plastic surgeon.

  3. I do suggest the Innovative Medspa

    I went to the innovative medspa for a chemical peel and botox. Dr. Malan is wonderful. Renee, the skin care therapist, and Terri, the RN, are absolutely amazing. This is my new one stop shop for skin. I did the VIPeel…the results are even better than I hoped for. I do suggest the Innovative Medspa

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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