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We are posting this to warn other potential customers! Beware!

We had a good moving experience with this company the day of our move in February 2018. The movers were friendly, helpful, and and extremely nice. The reason for the poor review is what happened after the move.

The movers finished moving all of our items into our new house at 8:00pm. It was dark out and raining. They had backed their truck into our driveway. When they pulled out to leave, their truck sideswiped our lamp post next to our driveway, knocking it to the ground and dragging it into the road. The movers did not stop. Instead, they drove away. Our neighbor watched the entire incident happen and came to tell us. That evening, we also noticed that our leather couch (that we had just purchased the year before and had never been moved before) had tears and rips in a number of places. We also surveyed the rest of our furniture and discovered two new dressers, dining room table, two book shelves, and a tv stand were also damaged from the move. The next morning, I contacted the movers to tell them about the lamp post and the damaged furniture.

I then had to send THREE more emails before getting a response. When we finally heard back, they told me that the concerns were sent to the moving coordinator, that it was a top priority, and that we would receive a phone call soon. I then had to send four more emails (and left a voicemail) to get an email back.

During this time, we had to pay $200 to shut off the electricity to the broken lamp post. We also received a quote for what it would cost to replace and re-install the new lamp post. The response I finally received from the movers stated that they did not hit the lamp post and that they would send someone out to assess the leather couch. This was March 5th. After sending five more emails and leaving more messages, we were told that someone from the moving company would come out and assess the lamp post and the leather couch on March 24th (more than a month after our move).

No one ever showed up on the 24th (we waited around for them for four hours). I emailed when hours had passed since they were supposed to show up. I received an email at 9pm that night to say that they had been busy with a move and had been unable to come (they had my phone number but didn’t bother to call).

They ended up sending two individuals out the following day– Ali, the moving coordinator for our move, and a gentleman named Arnold. Both are members of the company’s management. They looked at the damages to the lamp post and the leather couch and conceded that they caused both and would “make things right.” They said that they would contact their insurance and be in touch very soon with a solution to compensate us.

They were not in touch. After sending them several more emails and trying to reach them on the phone, they finally responded by stating they would have a proposed resolution for us by April 11th. When April 11th came and went, I emailed them to find out the status. After having to send a series of emails to get a response, they responded retracting their earlier statements and told us that they do not think they hit the lamp post. Since then, they have not responded to us at all. It is unfortunate because now we plan to take them to small claims court– and we know we will be successful– but we could have worked with them on a solution that would have avoided court but for their true lack of professionalism and willingness to work with us.

What is most disappointing is that Inner City Mover came very highly recommended on Dirty Scam and other websites, which is why we felt comfortable going with them. We’ve had quotes given to us for the lamp post and leather couch and it is going to cost us more than $1000 (plus the initial $200 we had to pay to turn off the electricity to the lamp post). We feel like we did our due diligence in researching this company, and when they did a good job the day of the move we spent more than $100 to buy them lunch AND dinner, and we gave each mover more than a 20% cash tip. While their movers were friendly and nice gentlemen, their customer service has proven to be atrocious. We’ve been nothing but polite and approachable throughout this entire process– we wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt– in return, we’ve been strung along, lied to, and tricked. We are posting this to warn other potential customers! Beware!

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