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Iman sells himself not the right skill.

Iman Gadzhi, so called one of the highest followed social media influencers has nothing more to sell other than just himself.  Iman may feel persuasive, but his courses are just another trap for gullible individuals.

I am just one more victim to his list and have faced the scars like many others, just not ready to stay mum. I joined Iman Gadzhi course to become a social media expert. The program essentially promised three things.

• I will be able to find my first agency to pay me in the first 30 days of the course.
• I will learn how to convince small businesses to pay a newcomer
• I will learn to automate my marketing agency for greater freedom

The course was intended to make me self-dependant. Before paying the fee, I had words with him. I told him that I had never been into marketing and sales. I was from a different domain and it would be difficult for me to make up for the lack of experience.

However, Iman Gadzhi suggested that there is nothing to worry about. He would be available for every assistance I would need. He promised that the course amount will soon be paid back. Although, getting rich quick was not his ideology as stated many times, he sounded more like it.

I did not feel right about it. I started getting emails for followups. Sometimes more than two in a day. I asked few more people and was still confused. But, the point was, I was in need. So, I paid that amount, close to $1000.

This was a big amount for me. And, I had to break a few saving accounts and get loan from my friends in order to pay him. He takes money in advance, so you would never know what his course is like beforehand.

The course started. But, to be candid, I never felt as if I was getting any help. The matter was fine. Or, I should say I was not the right one to decide on that. I did everything and worked hard. However, as promised, I was never able to get through the voice calls of Iman.
He never answered my emails either.

I kept learning, and, in some time, I felt I was understanding things clearly. Time passed and after a month, and after applying all his skills, when I could not get hold of any agency, I questioned about the first thing that was listed as an offering before joining the course.

Nobody reacted to it. I felt I was fighting alone. So, I tried to consult other people online through social media connects and other ways. Later, I realize that Iman had fooled many others. There is no proof of his skills working for real.

I was never given any compensation for a worthless program. When I tried to learn all by myself, I realized that lots of stuff that were taught were already available online for free. I know this cheater has fooled me. And, I would do everything to get a refund.

But, I only fear that the time I would spend running behind him would again be a waste. But, I intend to keep going on. I want my money back. I will not let him get away so easily. Iman Gadzhi is a scammer and not any influencer.

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  2. Same, I almost fell into his trap until I found out that there are other free course that you can take online. I think that he has fooled millions of teenagers and adults to pay for his course which made him instantly rich.

    1. suxy

      You can have the course for 20

      email here: [email protected]

  3. Excellentl course by iman

    The course is amazing don’t listen to these idiots – they’re just haters

  4. My experience has been great

    To be honest, I completely disagree. I can vouch for his content from experience. There obviously a lot of fluff in this space, not to mention dishonest people. However I’ve gotten nothing but value from Imans content. I even signed up to his courses and I have gotten clients because of his information. Bottom line is, if a friend asked me if I would recommend Iman, I would definately respond with 100%

  5. I did this course properly

    Don’t know what this guy’s going on about, but can only assume he’s a competitor trying to mess with Iman.

    This isn’t a get-rich-quick-scheme, and it’s not advertised as one.

    It’s a pretty solid course that gives you everything you need to start selling social marketing, and it’s worked pretty well for me.

    I went in with realistic expectations, and learned how to sell, and have properly dedicated time to doing it right.

    I’ve managed to pick up a decent client load off the back of this, and wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

    If you’re not going to do any work, then don’t complain. I’d 100% recommend Iman, the guy genuinely knows what he’s talking about.

  6. My personal take on Iman Gadzhi's

    I have to say that in the main I do not agree with the analysis of Iman’s course in this review.

    I came across Iman’s content on YouTube around 6 months ago through a reccomendation from a close school friend and immediately found the information he presented in each video to be concise and of great value to myself as someone in the process of developing my own marketing agency.

    I decided that I was going to take action and make my dreams of owning my own business a reality by purchasing ‘Six Figure SMMA’. My reasoning behind wanting to create my own marketing agency was simple, I wanted to develop further develop the current skills I had so that I could deliver the best possible service and results to my future clients. I knew that the only way I would be able to do this was by taking action and investing In Iman’s course, a course that had been rated very highly by my close friends and seemingly by the community of young entrepreneurs developing digital marketing business’ across the UK and US.

    Iman’s course structure is easy to follow and as I said earlier I found all of the information he dispensed in the course to be presented in a very concise manner preventing any development of overwhelm throughout the course.

    The module I found to be of most value to myself was the seventh module of the course taking you through the process of sales as I built and set about developing my business. I knew that if at any point during the tuition I had a question I could simply contact the coaching team set up by Iman who were very responsive and provided clear action steps and solutions for me to take myself in the process of overcoming the challenges and hurdles I came across.

    I took the necessary time to learn the content and started applying the principles taught, this resulted in the signing of my first client after 5 weeks of being in the course which was of course a HUGE moment for me, my first client!!!

    I think this review is totally incorrect. I think the opinions voiced in the review above are total bullshit. Should you be an aspiring entrepreneur who is willing to take action, there is simply no reason nor excuse for not succeeding in your mission to build and develop your marketing agency having taken the time to go through this course. The proof is in the pudding, I am one of hundreds of Iman’s success stories who have changed their lives by investing in Iman’s digital products.

  7. Iman Gadzhi changed life and is the furthest thing from a scam - don’t listen to these haters

    I found Iman Gadzhi mid 2017 and have taken two of his programs. I can say with out a doubt, if I hadn’t taken the programs I would not be where I am today. Iman has become a lifelong friend and mentor. If you are reading this article, please know that this article was purely written to profit off of Iman’s name. He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever meet online and will be meeting him early next year.

  8. Iman changed my life

    This article was purely written to make money. Everything that was stated is complelty false. I have taken several courses from Iman and a few coaching calls. This guy has changed my life for the better and so many others.

  9. (HONEST REVIEW) Iman's course is FAR above par

    That was not my experience AT ALL.

    Iman’s course SMMA is so detailed and meticulously well put together that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. In fact, I’m only half way through the course and I’ve already booked a meeting and have several other prospective meetings set up for my own agency. I’m actually burning through the rest of his course right now because the demand is so high for my services because of the way I was able to position myself (something I learned in the program.) Iman gives you his business plan, model, and everything you need to build a successful agency.

    That being said, if you don’t put in the work and use the tools he gives you… that’s your fault not his. Frankly, he gives you so many resources that if you fail, it’s only from a lack of effort on your end.

    Compared to the many many other online programs I’ve purchased, Iman’s are far above par. I’ve already bought Influencer Ignited 2.0 and Kaizen Cure too and he puts the same meticulous detail and value in all his programs. Iman seems like a very straight-up and genuine guy. I think that’s what makes his no bs courses so great. It’s very practical. I highly recommend him.

  10. Iman Gadzhi's Course Is Packed With Useful Knowledge!!!!

    You have to be an absolute moron if you can’t use the information contained in this course! Seriously, though! If you can’t pick up a phone and ask for an appointment, and then give a solid presentation at the appointment, then you may as well just hang it up and go flip burgers your whole life. This course is for people who are willing to scratch, claw and fight for success, not those who want to sit and wonder why it isn’t working for them and then complain about how the course is crap. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE COURSE WORK! Everyone, get out there, get out of your comfort zone, and get good at something that is worth getting good at!!!

  11. Someone send me the program /coarse

    Someone send me the program /course

    [email protected]

    1. Luis

      send it to me too please!!

  12. 100 x 1000 = 100,000

    100 people, purchasing get wealthy video guide at $1000.00 a piece, equals to…, you guessed it $100,000.00….. LOL The oldest marketing scam in the world! Create an educational video course of how to become wealthy, market it at a good price, to young fresh brains and you got your high profits in a flash. If you love YouTube and you are charismatic, and have lots in-common with the general public for example being 17, just push get rich video ideas to the viewers, who are mostly on you tube of desperation, and for the idea that they will find answers to their burning questions, and voila you can create the massive audience that will believe in you, and will eventually try, and buy your product ! Basically any one can do it, just be ready for the downfall if some one decides to pull the plug on you!

    1. Leon

      Why don’t you do it then?

  13. This Review Has Got It All Wrong

    This review couldn’t be any more wrong about Iman. I have his course and have tried many other courses in the past. NOTHING comes close to the knowledge he provides in his course. For those saying he’s a fake, well just keep saying that… you’ll never go anywhere with that mindset.

  14. sharing is caring.

    can someone please share this with me! [email protected]

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