Iman Gadzhi

Iman sells himself not the right skill.

Iman Gadzhi, so called one of the highest followed social media influencers has nothing more to sell other than just himself.  Iman may feel persuasive, but his courses are just another trap for gullible individuals.

I am just one more victim to his list and have faced the scars like many others, just not ready to stay mum. I joined Iman Gadzhi course to become a social media expert. The program essentially promised three things.

• I will be able to find my first agency to pay me in the first 30 days of the course.
• I will learn how to convince small businesses to pay a newcomer
• I will learn to automate my marketing agency for greater freedom

The course was intended to make me self-dependant. Before paying the fee, I had words with him. I told him that I had never been into marketing and sales. I was from a different domain and it would be difficult for me to make up for the lack of experience.

However, Iman Gadzhi suggested that there is nothing to worry about. He would be available for every assistance I would need. He promised that the course amount will soon be paid back. Although, getting rich quick was not his ideology as stated many times, he sounded more like it.

I did not feel right about it. I started getting emails for followups. Sometimes more than two in a day. I asked few more people and was still confused. But, the point was, I was in need. So, I paid that amount, close to $1000.

This was a big amount for me. And, I had to break a few saving accounts and get loan from my friends in order to pay him. He takes money in advance, so you would never know what his course is like beforehand.

The course started. But, to be candid, I never felt as if I was getting any help. The matter was fine. Or, I should say I was not the right one to decide on that. I did everything and worked hard. However, as promised, I was never able to get through the voice calls of Iman.
He never answered my emails either.

I kept learning, and, in some time, I felt I was understanding things clearly. Time passed and after a month, and after applying all his skills, when I could not get hold of any agency, I questioned about the first thing that was listed as an offering before joining the course.

Nobody reacted to it. I felt I was fighting alone. So, I tried to consult other people online through social media connects and other ways. Later, I realize that Iman had fooled many others. There is no proof of his skills working for real.

I was never given any compensation for a worthless program. When I tried to learn all by myself, I realized that lots of stuff that were taught were already available online for free. I know this cheater has fooled me. And, I would do everything to get a refund.

But, I only fear that the time I would spend running behind him would again be a waste. But, I intend to keep going on. I want my money back. I will not let him get away so easily. Iman Gadzhi is a scammer and not any influencer.

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Severity of Scam :High
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